Zach Bibik, A Million Little Pieces

Timeline created by TheTimeToaster2
  • First Reading Entry

    (Non-Fiction) Book checked out from school library. p.1-p.17. We begin our story reading about James Frey's addiction to drugs and alcohol and how it has dominated the last 4-5 years of his life. Finally his parents take him to rehab where he will be treated.
  • Second Reading Entry

    p.17-p.23. In this reading James Frey tells of the extreme ammount of pain he is experiencing in the first couple of days at rehab. Later in this reading James is moved to a Unit.
  • Second Reading Entry

    p.23-45. In this reading James meets his councelor who is already frustrated by James' lack of desire to get better. James sees his destroyed face for the first time. James also goes to the dentist who concludes that he will need surgery but that they will have to wait untill his lips stop swelling.
  • Third Reading Entry

    p.43-67. In this reading entry we read about James Frey's anger in rehab as well as his dreams in which he abuses drugs and alcohol.
  • Fourth Entry Reading

    p.67-112. In this entry we read about James having to go through two root canals as well as the capping of four other teeth. Because James is a patient at a rehab center he is not give any anisthenic, and endures extreme ammounts of pain.
  • Fifth Reading Entry

    p112-p.179. In this entry James sees his brothe Bob and two other friends on visiting day. James is also told to follow through the first two steps of the Twelve Steps, he does but un happily.
  • Sixth Reading Entry

    p.179-p.324. (By the way i was on a road trip allowing me to read so much.) In this entry James finds a girlfriend known as Lilly and continues to struggle through rehab, but seems happier.
  • Eighth Reading Enty

    p.324-p.366. In this entry In this entry Lilly finds out her grandmother is going to die and is very emotional.
  • Ninth Reading Entry

    p.366-p.430(the end). In this entry we find that the counsellors and staff have shortened James' plan because of how stubborn he is. He shares his stubborn ideals with his room mante Miles. The ending concludes all of the patients mentioned as characters relapsed, died, or are in jail, except for James and Miles