yazmin's idealistic timeline

Timeline created by munizy22
  • birth

    I was born on November 14 in 2003. I was raised in hot springs but born in Mexico.
  • 3rd birthday

    the biggest birthday I had. (usually for Mexicans that would be a big party etc.)
  • first friend

    preschool, Alana, was, my best friend until she moved in 4th grade
  • accomplishments

    I made it to state in high jump.
  • facts about me

    I'm Hispanic, I'm tall, I'm skinny, I want to graduate and attend college.
  • accomplishment 2

    accomplishment  2
    I am attending college in Fayetteville and a nurse practitioner
  • accomplishment 3

    accomplishment 3
    I work in the hospital as a nurse practitioner
  • accomplishment 5

    graduated college
  • accomplishment 4

    accomplishment 4
    I got married to my boyfriend
  • first kid

    first kid
    Kingston, a little boy, mixed with black and Mexican
  • first child (kingston)

    His first Christmas
  • 2nd kid

    2nd kid
    novah , little girl, mixed with black and Mexican
  • became a foster mother

    little girl 7 years of age, Elizabeth
  • 2nd child (novah)

    first steps