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  • Log starts

  • IW in "L"

    March 11-16 - "L" for London?
  • IW in "G"

    March 17-19 - "G" for Geneva?
  • IW in "O" = Olso as Genevieve Lancier

    March 20-23 Hotel Viking.
    binreminded-Timetoast/BBC/NRK podcast:
    Hotel booking card says arrived 19/3 in Norway. Worked as secretary (secretaire in French) name Genevieve Lancier, DOB 28/7/45. passport 8870/l25. Travelling from Brussels to Oslo.
    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hotel_Royal_Christiania she buys breakfast on the 22nd.
  • IW as Claudia Tielt in Bergen

    March 24-31.
    Hotel Bristol March 24-25 as Antique dealer.
    Hotel Skandia March 25 - April 1 as Antique dealer (claiming to be travelling on to Brussels, address claim: Rue de la madeleine Brussels) source: binreminded-Timetoast/BBC/NRK podcast
  • Penguin crew in Bergen

    source: binreminded-Timetoast/BBC/NRK podcast
  • IW as Claudia Tielt travelling

    Long route, March 31 - April 3!
    Route: Bergen - (by "Vintor" boat) to Stavanger - Kristiansand - Hirtshals - Hamburg ("H" in coded log) - Basel.
    - ferry & train to hirtshals, hamburg, basel
    - continental ticket from Stavanger, via Kristiansand to Hirtshals in Denmark (ferry), then train through Hamburg terminating in Basel in Switzerland.
    IW bought a train ticket (under the name of Tielt; ticket number 150242) from Stavanger to Basel on 1 April (dep: 13:35).
  • IW in "R"

    April 3-22 - "R" for Rotterdam?
  • IW in "F"

    April 23-29 - "F" for Flensburg?
  • IW in "R"

    April 30 - May 14 - "R" for Rotterdam?
  • IW in "V"

    May 15-21
  • IW in "W"

    May 22-31 - "W" for Wiesbaden?
  • IW in "N"

    June 1-7
  • IW in "R"

    June 8-21 - "R" for Rotterdam?
  • IW in "P"

    June 22 - July 4
  • IW in "L"

    July 4-16
  • IW from "P to L"

  • IW in "A"

    July 16-17
  • IW from "L to A"

  • IW in "R"

    "R" for Rotterdam?
  • Trimboli handed out postcard after July 22

    BYEN MELLOM DE SYV FJELL dating 22-7-70 (date of photography? of print?)
    source: binreminded-Timetoast/BBC/NRK podcast
  • Trimboli handed out postcard after August 11

    Bergen: Flesland Flyplass, dated August 11 1970 (date of photography? date of print?)
  • IW in Oppdal Turisthotell???

    Staying with Italian photographer - reported in book by Aske.
  • IW in Paris as Vera Schlosseneck

    Oct 22-29
    Hotel Altona Oct 22-23
    Hotel Calais Oct 23-29
    source: binreminded-Timetoast/BBC/NRK podcast
  • IW intends to go from Paris to Stavanger, but doesn't!

    a telex from the SAS ticket office in Paris, stating that Vera Schlosseneck had bought a ticket from Paris through Holland (Amsterdam?) to Stavanger - at first for October 27th, later postponed to October 29th
    source: binreminded-Timetoast/BBC/NRK podcast
  • IW in Stavanger as 25y old (!) Claudia Nielsen

    Hotel KNA-Hotellet Stavanger Oct 29-30
    Hotel registry:
    DOB: 25.4.1945
    POB: Gent
    Nationality: Belgian
    Address: R. Ste Walburge 18
    Occupation: Verziererin (decorator?)
    Reason for visit: Beruf Verkehr (rush hour/job?)
    Room number: 300 source: binreminded-Timetoast/BBC/NRK podcast
  • Flight from Paris to Stavanger

    a telex from the SAS ticket office in Paris, stating that Vera Schlosseneck had bought a ticket from Paris through Holland (Amsterdam?) to Stavanger - at first for October 27th, later postponed to October 29th
    source: binreminded-Timetoast/BBC/NRK podcast
  • Penguin Crew in Stavanger

    The 25th MBS was in Bergen around March 24 and in Stavanger around Oct 29 + Nov 09.
    source: binreminded-Timetoast/BBC/NRK podcast
  • IW in Bergen as Alexia Z. Merchez

    Hotel Neptun Oct 30 - Nov 5 Hotel registration:
    POB: Ljubliana
    Nationality: Belgian
    Address: 91 R Ste Hildegaarde, Brussels
    Occupation: Verziererin (decorator?)
    Reason for visit: Handelsverkehr (trade)
    Room number: 609, 619, 701 source: binreminded-Timetoast/BBC/NRK podcast
  • IW in Trondheim as Vera Jarle

    Hotel Bristol Nov 6-8 Contradicting information: Possibly traveling as "E Welding" per flight 13.15 14:05 as a ticket an police reasearch proposes - but then IW would have missed Sovjet agents. Possibly traveling on by flight from Trondheim under name of "L. Selling". source: binreminded-Timetoast/BBC/NRK podcast
  • Trondheim - 2 Soviet agents step by briefly (Rubanove aned Popov)

    The agents probably don't leave airport, as reported here:
    Security police in Trondheim guard the airport at Værnes because they know that the two Soviet agents named Rubanov and Popov are on their way (speculation: Did JCH warn POT?). The agents travel on to Sandnessjøen before 3pm. source: binreminded-Timetoast/BBC/NRK podcast
  • IW traveling from Trondheim to Stavanger

  • IW in Stavanger as Fenella Lorch

    Nov 9-18, Hotel St Svithun.
    Checked in as Finella Lorck from Belgium.
    Seen by cleaner end of week wearing rubber boots. Took D off bathroom door to make room 615D?
    source: binreminded-Timetoast/BBC/NRK podcast
  • IW in Stavanger? Buying rubber boots?

    Buys rubber boots Oscar Rørtvedt's Footwear Store in Stavanger I amended to 14th to match police evidence in Aske's book. Podcast wasn't clear about this. source: binreminded-Timetoast/BBC/NRK podcast
  • Mirror sold in Bergen - but IW in Stavanger..contradiction

    Podcast references a mirror being purchased by a man and woman in Bergen. But if purchased 16th most likely not IW as she is in Stavanger. source: binreminded-Timetoast/BBC/NRK podcast
  • IW in Bergen as Elisabeth Leenhouwfr from Belgium

    Hotel Rosenkrantz Nov 18-19
    Nov 18: maid saw IW with a man sitting in the room. source: binreminded-Timetoast/BBC/NRK podcast
  • Travel from Stavanger to Bergen by hydrofoil ("Vingtor" boat)

    Report from taxi driver in Stavanger who took her from the Hotel St Svithun to the hydrofoil carried her suitcase, while she carried a bag. source: binreminded-Timetoast/BBC/NRK podcast
  • End of travel log

    only "ML 23 N MM" is following
  • possible earlier meeting in Isdal Valley?

    IW requests directions for VInmonopolet liquor "store" in bad English.
    Forestry workers see her at 15:00 in Isdalen valley. Contradiction: At around 15:00 she is supposed to have checked in to hotel Hordaheimen
    source: binreminded-Timetoast/BBC/NRK podcast
  • IW switches hotels in Bergen: moves to Hotel Hordaheimen

    at 15:00 IW checks in to Hotel Hordaheimen Nov 19-23, as Elisabeth Leenhouwer from Belgium. Hotel registration card:
    Occupation: Geschäft Teilhaberin (Business partner)
    Reason for visit: Handelsverkehr (trade)
    Room number: 407
    Staff report that she always came down for porridge breakfast, was elegant, smoked long South State cigarettes and had a strong "spicy" scent. Aske says 407 was not corner room in 1970.
    source: binreminded-Timetoast/BBC/NRK podcast
  • IW enquires about cutlery

    report from Th. Olsens from goldsmiths at in Bergen:
    She wore a brownish or grayish coat with an attached belt. Around her neck, she had a long shawl with a type of chequered pattern in green. She was bareheaded and had brownish hair, perhaps chestnut brown. The woman enquired about two particular silver sets of cutlery, “Kronsølv” and “ Prins Harald”, the woman wanted the sets shipped to Germany.
    source: binreminded-Timetoast/BBC/NRK podcast
  • IW buys newspaper (Dagbladet)

    ...and decides to keep it. Dagbladet Saturday 21. November 1970
  • IW prepares to leave Bergen

    IW is wearing a fur coat ("the technicians could smell the smell of petroleum from a fur coat they found under the body.")
    - 9-10am: IW goes to the Bergen Privatbank
    - IW leaves hotel and travels to train station
    - IW places 2 suitcases into storage
  • Suitcases are removed from locker

    ...by train station staff. Not yet reported to the police. source: binreminded-Timetoast/BBC/NRK podcast
  • Sunday, first Advent: Body found

    Oskar Hordnes calls KRIPOS (detectives Jahrmann and Kleveland) at 6.27 pm, just to inform them.
  • Monday - the investigation gets rolling

    Oskar Hordnes calls Kripos/Kleveland again at 9.05pm.
    First witness reports are gathered (but filed starting from Dec 1st).
  • Crime scene investigated then body moved (Date maybe wrong - could be Dec 1st)

    The forensic investigations continue the day after the discovery. The woman has been lying on the scene during the night with guards who take care that no one destroys any traces. The body is moved to Gade's Department of Autopsy
    During the day and transferred to the department of Gade at Haukeland Hospital, where the autopsy will be carried out. The autopsy is done by forensic physicians J. Chr.Giertsen.
    source: binreminded-Timetoast/BBC/NRK podcast
  • Tuesday: Kripos arriving

    Kripos (Jahrmann, Kjesæth and Bønes) arrive in Bergen.
    Witness reports are filed from now on daily.
  • Wednesday: Fingerprints from body are sent to Oslo (Kripos?)

    The woman's fingerprints are sent to the Criminal Police Center in Oslo for a check against the police fingerprint register. Unfortunately for investigators, there are no hits in the search. source: binreminded-Timetoast/BBC/NRK podcast
  • Police contacted about suitcases at Bergen train station

    The police are contacted about two large suitcases at the left luggage office at Bergen railway station. source: binreminded-Timetoast/BBC/NRK podcast
  • Thursday: Description of IW sent out...

    ...to all hotels in Bergen
  • Autopsy results come in

    Kripos chemist Tormod Bones is present during the autopsy, and writes a report on the findings on the site. He also manages to isolate a tiny amount of petrol from the soil beneath the Isdal woman, thereby answering the question of what triggered the fire. source: binreminded-Timetoast/BBC/NRK podcast
  • Friday: Inquiry sent to Interpol

    information about the unknown woman is sent internationally via Interpol. The telex contains information about the appearance, clothing, teeth and objects found on the scene. source: binreminded-Timetoast/BBC/NRK podcast
  • Saturday: POT is on the case from now on

    (at the latest). Hans Thue, one of the police men on the case had one of the POT members with him every where he went
  • Autopsy addendum: Toxicology report comes in

    The Institute of Public Health has reported that the Isdal woman had 4 milligrams of the sedative Fenemal in the blood. This is not a fatal dose but would have blunted the woman strongly. In addition, she had 12 tablets of Fenemal in the stomach which were not dissolved when she died.
  • Belgian police has no Finella Lorck

    Belgian police have checked the name Finella Lorck, whom the Isdal woman used to be in Stavanger. They find no one with that name in their records. source: binreminded-Timetoast/BBC/NRK podcast
  • Sunday, second Advent

  • Monday: Code solved (date correct?)

    Code Block Solution
    The police solve the code on the writing pad they found in the Isdal woman's luggage. It turns out to be an extensive itinerary - both in Norway and in Europe. source: binreminded-Timetoast/BBC/NRK podcast
  • Wednesday: Fingerprint from sun glasses identified & Handwriting analysis connects identities

    Suitcase ownership confirmed by fingerprint.
    Kripos also confirms that the code block found in the suitcase, six of the foreign forms from Norwegian hotels and several of the hotel receipts are all filled out by the same person.
    date source: binreminded-Timetoast/BBC/NRK podcast
  • Thursday: Dental reports?

    Dental professor Gisle Bang suggests in a report that the woman may be from eastern, southern or central europe due to special dental work. source: binreminded-Timetoast/BBC/NRK podcast
  • Friday: Drawing of IW published in Newspapers

  • Sunday, third Advent

  • Monday: Bergen police discovers another identity

    Claudia Tielt: Under this name she has stayed at Hotell Skandia in Bergen, and took the "Vingtor" boat between Stavanger and Bergen. source: binreminded-Timetoast/BBC/NRK podcast
  • Sunday, fourth Advent

  • Monday: Police press conference - suicide and not a spy

    The police is holding a press conference at the police house in Bergen. There they say that suicide is the most likely cause of death, and they reject all theories that the Isdal woman was a foreign spy. source: binreminded-Timetoast/BBC/NRK podcast
  • Police finds travel tickets of IW

    At the NSB travel office in Stavanger, the police finds a ticket receipt that shows that Isdal woman had travelled by train from Stavanger to Basel the last time she was in Norway. source: binreminded-Timetoast/BBC/NRK podcast
  • Tuesday: Fisherman travels to London for Christmas

    fisherman claims gun to be given by police. BBC/NRK say day after police press conference. source: binreminded-Timetoast/BBC/NRK podcast
  • Wednesday: Dagblad releases picture of IW? (date correct?)

    newspaper shows artistic impression of Isdal woman. source: binreminded-Timetoast/BBC/NRK podcast
  • Autopsy - final results

    The medical experts come to a sort of conclusion: «The cause of death is assumed to be a combination of poisoning from the sedative-hypnotic drug Fenemal and carbon monoxide. The injuries inflicted by fire may have been a contributing cause.»
    source: binreminded-Timetoast/BBC/NRK podcast
  • Police reveals what IW did at the bank

    Police get info on Schulman cheque from USA. source: binreminded-Timetoast/BBC/NRK podcast
  • French police respond to the last request from Norway

    French police respond to the last request from Norway. They have no people registered with the name Vera Schlosseneck, as the Isdal friend used to stay in Paris. Both the name and address are fake. source: binreminded-Timetoast/BBC/NRK podcast
  • Isdal woman funeral

    The beautiful hymn "Lead, Kindly Light," accompanied by organ and violin, fills the chapel at the Møllendal graveyard in Bergen. Sixteen men and two women are seated on the benches. They are all employees of the Bergen police force. None of them has any idea who the woman in the beautiful white coffin might be.
    The woman is buried
    The funeral is Catholic because the police at this time still believe the woman is from France. source: binreminded-Timetoast/BBC/NRK podcast
  • Sometime in 1971: Case closed