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  • India tornado

    India tornado
    It was the second largest outbreak on record, and the deadliest in Indiana. The tornadoes claimed the lives of 271 people and injured hundreds more.
  • south america tornadoes

    south america tornadoes
    a tornado hit Argentina that killed 54 people.
  • Severe tornado

    Severe tornado
    The tornadoe killed alot of people. Lots of homes and places were lost. It was located in Union County, Arkansas.
  • March 22, 2005 Tornado

    March 22, 2005 Tornado
    a F3 tornado damaged or destroyed 24 buildings at Donalsonville, Seminole County, Georgia. One person died in a mobile home.
  • hawaii tornado

    hawaii tornado
    on June 22, 2007. While several houses were levelled, no one was injured or killed by the tornado. Two well-built home.
  • fire tornado

    fire tornado
    a fire tornado accured also known as a firnado. it hit a farm that was on fire.
  • Severe Tornado

    Severe Tornado
    A severe storm hit near the city of York, New Braska in the North.
  • Supercell tornado

    Supercell tornado
    a semi impromptu yeilded a incredible supercell tornado. Also Hit near the city of Lacrosse, Kansas.
  • supercell tornado

    supercell tornado
    A supercell tornado hit hays, Kansis yeilded some decent storm structures.
  • twin lighning tornadoes

    twin lighning tornadoes
    may 20, 1916 a twin lightning tornado hit city.