The Victorian Era

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  • The beginning of the Victorian Era

    The beginning of the Victorian Era
    William IV died and his niece Victoria became queen.
  • Railroad Line

    Railroad Line
    The first modern railroad line
  • Stamp

    Penny post begins , the penny black was the first stamp in the world.
  • Excursion and wedding

    Excursion and wedding
    Thomas cook organized the first excursion.
    Brunel who was a famous engineer completed the London to Bristol Railway.
    Queen Victoria got married .
  • Book

    Charles Dickens published "A Christmas Carol"
  • Factory

    It was illegal that children worked more than 63 hours per week in the factories.
  • Post Box

    Post Box
    The first Post- boxes were built.
  • Pandemic

    The cholera pandemic started and causes thousands died in London.
  • War

    Britain ,France and Sardinia fighted the Russians over who had control of the Palestine and Israel.
    Florence Nightingale became in famous nurse and then she trained many new nurses.
  • War

    the crimean war ended with the "treaty of Paris"
  • Death

    The prince Albert died from Typhoid.
  • Homeless

    Dr,Bernardo opened the first home for homeless children.
  • Education

    The educatios was able for children aged 5-12.
  • Invent

    Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone.
  • Invent

    Joseph Wilson and Thomas Edison invented the light bulb.
  • Train

    The first electric train was used and the steam trains started to be replaced.
  • Invent

    Emeli created the first music system,called the gramophone.
  • Sport

    The football league began.
  • Education and Job

    Education and Job
    The education was able for all the children and they started to work until 11 years old.
  • Transportation

    people started to use less horse carriages and started to increase the number and use of cars.
  • Anniversary

    Queen celebrated 60 years on the throne.
  • The end of the Victorian Era

    The end of the Victorian Era
    Queen Victoria died and her son Edward became in king Edward VII.
    She became the longest serving monarch after 63 years ,7 months and 2 days as queen.