The Seven Ages of Man by Haley Claiborne

Timeline created by claibornehh
  • The Infant

    The Infant
    The infant always to be taken care of by others image from
  • The Schoolboy

    The Schoolboy
    The boy does not want to go to school, but has to anyway. Image from
  • The Lover

    The Lover
    The boy is beginning to take a like into girls. Image from
  • The Soldier

    The Soldier
    The boy is becoming more independent for himself. He is a strong, grown man. He may haave even joined the military for his country. Image from
  • The Justice

    The Justice
    The boy is grown, perhaps has kids, who he teaches valuable lessons to. Image from
  • The Elderly Gentleman

    The Elderly Gentleman
    The boy is now grown, his kids grown, perhaps has grandkids. Image from
  • The Dead Man

    The Dead Man
    The man has lived his life and now lives in heaven, with the good Lord. Image from