The Evolution Of The Ballet Pointe Shoe

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  • Ballet Establishment

    Ballet Establishment
    reference //' >reference </a>Ballet was established 200 years before the Ballet Poine Shoe was created.
  • Charles Didelot

    Charles Didelot
    referencereference Charles Didelot was the guy who invented the ballet poitne shoe. It was first called "The Flying Machine". Which
    +-allowed dancers to stand on thuer toes without leaving the ground
  • The First Heeled Ballet Shoe

    The First Heeled Ballet Shoe
    reference The 1st, heeled ballet shoe was worn during the 1800's. They were secured to the feet with ribbon, that strapped around the ankle, and actually had a pleat e underneathe the toe for a better fit.
  • Modified Satin Slippers

    Modified Satin Slippers
    refrence People during this time had wore ballet shoes of this style, because there wasnt any support offered by the shoes them selves. Therefore, dancers would pad their shoes for comfort and rely on their ankles and strength of thier feet for support. For Example: Marie Tagloni had wore them dancing the "La
    Sylpide". (in1832)
  • Soft Slippers

    Soft Slippers
    reference These ballet slippers were much softer , which were much more comfortable.
  • The "Toe Box"

    The "Toe Box"
    reference The next different type of pointe shoe had appeared in Italy. This had beginning stages of the toe area, which is what we now call the "Shoe Box'. Dancers like, Pierina Legani wore ballet shoes of the such, with a sturdy flat platform, (at the front of the shoe).
  • The Brands Of Ballet Pointe Shoes

    The Brands Of Ballet Pointe Shoes
    referenceThere are amny different brands of the ballet pointe shoe.
  • The parts of the Ballet Pointe Shoe

    The parts of the Ballet Pointe Shoe
  • Colored Pointe Shoes

    Colored Pointe Shoes
    <a href='' ></a>Now a days, you can buy different clored. But the soft pink ballet pointe shoe is always the ultimate classic. But they have other clors like Black, white, and nude.
  • Todays Pointe Shoes

    Todays Pointe Shoes
    reference Todays ballet pointe shoes are muc more comfortable, and easy to dance in. But truthfully, the ballet pointe shoe hasnt chnaged much over 200 years.
  • Period: to

    The Timespan Of The Pointe Ballet Shoe