Period 2: Timeline

Timeline created by Jaylyn Rivera
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  • Unexplainable symptoms.

    Citizens began to complain of symptoms that included convulsions, hallucinations, psychosis, clonus, lethargy and death. These symptoms consisted in both humans and animals.
  • Period: to

    Period 2: 16th century

    The early 16th century.
  • Salem Witch Trials Began.

    The Salem Witch Trials all began in Salem Massachusetts when Sarah Good, Sarah Osborne and an Indian Slave Tituba were interrogated on weather or not they committed the sin of witchcraft. From this time forward was the beginning of the Salem Witch Trials.
  • Mather's Witchcraft Book.

    In 1692-1693, Cotton Mather wrote and published a book, called the "Wonders of the Invisible World". A book for Salem witchcraft trials and executions.
  • An abrupt beginning to an abrupt ending.

    By September 1692, nineteen convicted witches had been hung and more than a hundred people sat in prison awaiting sentencing when the trials began to fade. Then the following year the were all release and the court closed. It seemed as though it ended as quick and sudden as it had began.
  • The End of the Salem Witch Trials.

    In May of 1693 the Salem Witch Trials came to an end. All because Sir Williams Phips, a new royal of the colony, halted court proceedings against the accused, which included his wife. Therefore, their was an order of release of those who were still in jail.
  • When was the actual end?

    Although the witch trials were declared finished, little ones still took place. Like in Virginia in 1706, North Carolina in 1712, and Rhode Island in 1728. Overall, there was a complete end to Witch Trials before the end of the 17th century.