Painscreek Killings Timeline

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  • Father Matthew recommends Sofia to the Roberts Family

    from Father Matthew's journal
    Father Matthew says he lied about Sofia being a family relative
    Sofia and Matthew were orphans together
  • Vivian's marriage to Charles

    from Steven's journal, Vivian's journal
  • Vivian and Charles's first year anniversary

    from Vivian's journal,
    Charles rented out Vivian's favorite restaurant and went to the beach after
    Vivian is very happy
  • Death of Painscreek Coal Miners

    From Newspaper
    Vivian just married into family and started a fundraiser (raised $120,000 total)
    6 members of Painscreek and 13 from neighboring Hillsdale and Old Creek died in demolition
  • Jackson and Lewis letter thanking Vivian

    from letter
    on behalf of Jackson and Lewis, Eric Campbell thanks Vivian for appointing them to be the medical provider of the hospital and money for research
  • Trisha was born

    worked from information from Mary Martinez's journal entry, also from Charles's diary
    Magdalene does not approve of baby girl
  • Vivian's medical report

    from Dr. Henry Johnson to Charles Roberts
    Vivian is stabilizing, hospitalized due to mental breakdown but cannot conceive anymore
    Dr. Johnson recommends Charles talking to his mother about it as Magdalene really wants boy heir
  • Vivian's hospitalization

    from Charles's diary
    Vivian's second hospitalization due to mental breakdown
    first hospitalization was due to c-section
  • Dorothy asked to stay with Sofia

    from Dorothy's journal
    Charles asks Dorothy to take care of Sofia
    Charles has rented a house away from the mansion
    Charles is worried
  • Father Matthew sends telegram to Sofia

    from Sofia's journal
    Sofia's birthday present is a treasure hunt around town
    Sofia already solved it but does not know how to respond
  • Father Matthew's letter to Sofia

    Letter from Father Matthew to Sofia
    wrote happy birthday
    contained a ring
  • Sofia is 8 months pregnant with Vincent Roberts

    from Dorothy's journal
    Sofia hopeful it is a boy
  • Scott was born

    worked from Scott's entry about being 5 years younger than Derrick, on tombstone, Sofia's journal
    born at 8:20 am
  • Magdalene's letter to Charles

    letter stating that Dorothy wrote to her about Sofia being pregnant with Charles's son
    she will be arriving to resolve problem
  • Charles tell Sofia about Magdalene's arrival

    from Sofia's journal
    Charles told Sofia that Magdalene is arriving in two weeks and knows their relationship
    Magdalene told Charles to take care of Sofia and Vincent
  • Henry Johnson plots with Vivian Roberts

    from Dr. Henry Johnson's letter to Vivian
    Henry tell Vivian that she must protect herself and Trisha
    make Sofia and the baby leave Charles and Painscreek by compensating her
    let Charles know that his affair will destroy his political status
    on the other side of letter, information on the new prescription for Magdalene, 3 times the strength of her usual dosage, which is lethal
  • Picture of Sofia and Scott/Vincent

    photo dated 6/21/1975
  • Sofia is murdered

    from Scott's journal, Andrew's account
    Sofia fell and hit her head on a nearby well around 11 pm
  • Security tape missing

    from Security log
    Magdalene Roberts was asking about security tape on this date
    tape was never found
  • Sofia left Painscreek

    from Father Matthew's journal
    rough estimate of when Sofia left Painscreek
  • Charles adds son into his will

    from Charles's will
    Charles added son into his will
    eldest boy with no contest will inherit all his family's fortune
    son must be at least 25 years old
    struck out that the first born will inherit 50% of inheritance
    added Vincent Roberts to the acknowledge as a member of the Roberts family
  • Father Calvin drops of Scott to St. Patrick's Orphanage

    from letter from Sister Rachel
    Father Calvin arrived with Scott in a basket and said Scott lost his family
  • Death of Magdalene Roberts

    Death of Charles's mother (68 years old)
    Newspaper dated 8/27/1975, died of heart attack but suspicious on the accounts of a letter from Sylvia Eden (maid of Magdalene) to Father Matthew
    Dorothy knocked on door at 7 am, assumed Magdalene still sleeping
    two hours later, Dorothy returned to check with no response, called Bernard who came and found Magdalene lying in bed and immediately called 911
    Dr. Johnson arrived at 9:30 am and said she died due to heart attack in the middle of the night
  • Father Matthew returns to Painscreek

    from Father Matthew's journal
    return from mission abroad
  • Father Calvin speaks to Father Matthew about Sofia

    from Father Matthew's journal
    Father Calvin says Sofia has left Painscreek
    Father Matthew suspicious something happened to Sofia
  • Derrick kills baby birds

    from Wanda's diary
    Derrick poked bird's nest until it fell from to the ground
    stoned chicks to death which resulted in suspension for a week
    Principal asked if Derrick suffered any trauma
    Wanda does not want to tell Derrick that he witnessed Sofia's death
  • Wanda tells Derrick to not mention Sofia's death

    from Wanda's journal
    Derrick stopped going to school
    Wanda felt that she should not have told Derrick to keep quiet about Sofia's death as he must have been bottling his emotions after all these years
  • Derrick's psych evaluation

    from Katherine McDowell to Wanda Tyler
    after five session with Derrick, he seemed to be doing better
    Derrick writes
    dreamt of father leaving and mother crying
    woke up to cat wanting to be let out, witnessed noises behind the wall fence where door is always locked
    saw light behind keyhole and four people gathered together
    baby was crying
    two people fighting, woman fell and hit her head and stopped moving
    wet pants because she was looking at Derrick
  • Father Calvin Bennet's death

    found on cemetery headstone
  • Father Matthew adopts Scott

    from Scott Brooks's diary
    picked up Scott from orphanage
  • Derrick makes time capsule with Trisha

    from Derrick's journal
    Trisha stopped by and wanted to make time capsule
    will open in 10 years
  • Notice of Embezzlement

    Letter from Nelson and Brown Investigations (Roland Brown to Vivian)
    Dr. Henry Johnson is embezzling money from Roberts Relief Foundation offshore under Jefferson Investments, LLC
    5th of every month, $9990 transferred under unaccounted for medical supplies and equipment
    happening past 16 months, totals $160,000
  • Charles teaching Scott how to hunt

    Charles went hunting with Scott
  • Nurse could not get in touch with Dr. Henry Johnson

    from log book
    nurse tried to get in touch with Dr. Johnson but he did not pick up
    Henry Johnson not picking up phone calls is rare
  • Vivian's message to Dr. Henry Johnson about the embezzlement

    letter from Vivian Roberts to Dr. Henry Johnson
    letter thanks the doctor for his contributions to the hospital but the reports of the mishandling of funds leads them to open investigation
    funding to hospital is suspended for the time being
  • Father Matthew forbids Scott to be with Trisha

    from Scott's journal
  • Scott learns he is not an orphan

    in Scott's journal
    during an argument with Father Matthew, Father Matthew states that Scott is not an orphan
  • Scott went with Charles to Magdalene's (Charles's mother) grave

    from Charles's journal
    18th anniversary of death
    Vivian is always sick during this time
    Scott bought fresh white lilies to grave
  • Oliver hired to be Trisha's photography tutor

    from Trisha's journal
  • Scott moves all his things to the Robert's cabin

    from Trisha's journal
  • Andrew is drunk

    from Scott's journal
    Andrew is drunk again
    this time he mentioned the name Sofia and he kept apologizing
  • Scott asks Andrew about Sofia

    from Scott's diary
    Andrew freaked out and then denied ever knowing the name
  • Scott asks Wanda about Sofia

    from Scott's journal
    Wanda says Sofia used to be a maid but she was let go
    Wanda thinks Sofia is manipulative
  • Scott asks Derrick about Sofia

    from Scott's journal
    Derrick was ignoring Scott, possibly something about Trisha
  • Scott asks Bernard about Sofia

    from Scott's diary
    Bernard surprised Scott knew Sofia's name
    stated that he did not know her that well
  • Scott asks Dorothy about Sofia

    from Scott's journal
    Dorothy tells Scott that Sofia was a close friend of hers when she first started working at the mansion
    Sofia was in an affair with Charles and became pregnant
    she left Painscreek and no one heard from her since
  • Bernard tells Vivian about Scott's questions about Sofia

    from Vivian's diary, from Bernard's diary
    Bernard tells Vivian that Scott has been asking around about Sofia, Vivian is not pleased
    Bernard told to keep an eye on Scott
  • Note from St. Patrick Orphanage (Sister Rachel)

    Note from Sister Rachel
    she is the nursing mother of Scott
    said that on July 4, 1975 Father Calvin came with Scott in a basket and said he lost his parents
    Father Calvin said the child's name was Scott
    Father Matthew came to visit Scott often after he became the head priest and whenever he left, he would leave behind an envelop with small sum of money for Scott
  • Mystery man on property

    from Security log
    5'5" man with hooded sweater climbed the fence wall into the garden, ran through the backyard and jumped the back wall
  • Andrew Reed is drunk

    from Security log
    Andrew arrived on mansion around 11 pm, found to be drunk
    Scott was called and arrived around 11:15 pm
    Scott brought Andrew home
  • Trisha forbidden to meet with Scott

    from Vivian's diary
    Trisha is forbidden to meet with Scott
  • Scott and Matthew had an argument

    from Trisha's journal
    Scott and Father Matthew had a big fight
    Father Matthew forbids Scott from seeing Trisha but did not give a reason
  • Andrew Reed's 3rd attempt at suicide

    from Scott's journal, Dorothy's journal
    Andrew is found unconscious with an empty bottle of sleeping pills
    Scott called ambulance
  • Andrew Reed injured

    from medical file
    Andrew Reed, mental illness and alcohol dependence
    injured on mansion property
    saw Henry Johnson for injuries, recommended limitations/restrictions for 2-4 weeks
  • Andrew tells Scott his story

    from Scott's journal
    Scott visits Andrew in the hospital
    Andrew tells Scott about what happened in 1975
    Vivian kicked Sofia out of Painscreek because she found out Sofia was pregnant
    Vivian, Andrew, and Henry met with Sofia, got into an argument and Sofia fell and hit her head on a nearby well
    Andrew got rid of the body and the baby
  • Scott asks Trisha about Vincent

    from Trisha's journal
    Scott asks Trisha whether she has a younger brother named Vincent
    Trisha denies it
  • Dorothy visits Andrew at the hospital

    from Dorothy's journal
    Andrew looked calm, nurse claims Scott has been visiting Andrew everyday
  • Trisha asks Vivian about Vincent

    from Trisha's journal
    Trisha asks Vivian over dinner about a younger brother named Vincent
    Vivian denies this but was upset
    Trisha and Vivian gets into an argument and she is sent to her room
    Charles and Vivian gets into an argument
  • Scott is fired

    from Trisha's journal
    Scott is fired for no reason by Vivian
  • Stephanie lost / Ghost sighting

    from Security log
    Stephanie got lost in the woods while following fireflies
    cops called and could not be found
    2 hours later, Stephanie was found, safe and sound, said young lady in black dress with black hair helped her find their way, black dress sounds like what the maids at the mansion wore but all the maids were working
  • Bernard drives Vivian

    from Bernard's journal
    Derrick is out of town so Bernard is driving Vivian around
    Vivian really bothered by Vincent
  • Bernard drives Vivian

    from Bernard's journal
    Derrick wasn't available again
    Vivian opened up to Bernard about her struggles
    Bernard is happy to be with Vivian
  • Scott finds out who his parents are

    from Scott's journal
    Scott saw Sofia's photo with baby and blue blanket, the same blue blanket he has
    Scott realizes Charles is his father
  • Vivian distraught during tea time

    from Bernard's journal
    Bernard listening in during tea time
    Vivian mentions she is miserable with Charles
    Bernard does not think Charles deserves Vivian
  • Scott visits Andrew

    from Scott's journal
    Scott visits Andrew to find out where Sofia's body is hidden
    Scott tells Andrew that Scott is the baby that Andrew gave to Father Calvin
  • Bernard drives Vivian

    from Bernard's journal
    Drove for Vivian again
    dropped her off on a corner of a street
    Bernard follows Vivian
    Vivian went to coffee shop and got coffee to go
    saw her go to an apt with a man in his 30s, business suit
    leaned over and hugged Vivian, gave coffee to man, both went into apt
  • Andrew told Scott where Sofia's body is hidden

    from Scott's journal
  • Scott reburies Sofia

    from Scott's journal
    Sofia's body hidden in the well off of the mansion
    Scott reburies Sofia's body in the cemetery next to Father Calvin with a wooden cross
  • Bernard follows Vivian for the 6th time

    from Bernard's journal
    Vivian goes into the building with the man
    Bernard waits in the car for her
    2 hours later a cab comes by and Vivian exited the apt, gave the man a kiss
  • Vivian works with Owen Smith on art exhibition

    from Vivian's diary
    Owen called to meet Vivian to do paper work for exhibition
    needed down payment, money coming from the Roberts Relief Fund
  • Scott confesses to Father Matthew

    from Scott's journal, Father Matthew's journal
    Scott tells Father Matthew everything that happened and everything he knows including Andrew's confession and Trisha being half-sister
    Father Matthew is confused but wants to know who else knew about Sofia's death
  • Father Matthew visits Sofia's grave

    from Father Matthew's journal
    Father Matthew puts flowers on Sofia's grave
  • Vivian and Trisha argument

    witnessed by Mary Martinez (maid), in diary
    Vivian wants to send Trisha off to college but Trisha wants to be with Scott
  • Bernard stalks Vivian's lover

    from Bernard's journal
    Bernard tracked down the guy Vivian is seeing
    found out that he is a banker and the meeting place is his apt
  • Andrew Reed is murdered

    from Newspaper dated 6/7/1995
    at 11:25 pm, fire broke out
    Andrew Reed was found dead with 3rd degree burns
    seated on the couch next to the fireplace
    cause of fire was not determined
    carpet might have been soaked with alcohol
    last seen drunk leaving Anne's autopsy report
    3rd degree burns, pneumothoraz as possible cause of death
    completely charred over head, face, neck and hands
    heavily charred across front and back of body, legs and feet
    closer inspection reveals punctured lungs with switchblade
  • Father Matthew needs to talk to Andrew Reed

    from Father Matthew's journal
    needs Andrew to confess to murder of Sofia
  • Trisha's 21st birthday

    from Mary Martinez's journal
    Trisha and Scott meeting mentioned their hidden meeting place is in their shed behind the mansion
  • Andrew Reed's funeral

    from Church posting and from Dorothy's diary
    Laura (ex-wife) and Daniel (son) were present
  • Scott talking with Dr. Johnson

    from Derrick's diary
    Derrick went to the hospital to visit Wanda (mother)
    saw Scott talking with Dr. Johnson, looked serious
  • Dr. Johnson's last check in with hospital

    from Newspaper
    last seen in hospital
  • Dr. Henry Johnson's note to Charles Roberts

    letter from Henry Johnson to Charles Roberts
    letter states that he received a threat from Charles
    also states that Vivian was behind it all and Johnson was only a witness to Sofia's death
    letter to be sent the following day
  • Body of Dr. Henry Johnson found

    Newspaper report from Elizabeth Hudson dated 7/13/1995
    from Mary Martinez's diary dated 7/12/1995
  • Vivian interviewed by Police about Johnson death

    from Mary Martinez's journal
    Vivian was interviewed by cops
    she was calm but Mary was nervous
    Vivian came back and reassured Mary that everything is going to be okay from Derrick's journal
    Vivian was overheard to have raised her voice with the cops
    police came because she was often seen with Dr. Johnson
  • Investigation into Magdalene's death

    from Beckerd's Investigation Services, Jason Beckerd to Charles Roberts
    investigation into Andrew and Dr. Johnson's death
    unable to reveal the nature of death due to confidentiality but did not die due to accident
    Andrew and Henry were both related to the disappearance of Sofia Miller and death of Magdalene 20 years ago
    did not know what happened to Sofia
    evidence regarding Magdalene's death to be murder
    anonymous nurse came across a note while cleaning Dr. Johnson's office
  • Father Matthew cancels trip

    Note in Gibson's house, from Reverend Todd McDermont to Oliver Gibson
    Father Matthew claimed to be sick and had to cancel his trip to South York (July 18-23)
  • Vivian is murdered

    from Newspaper
    anonymous (male) saw Scott Brooks walking away from mansion around 11:50 pm
    letter to Sheriff reports two hunters witnessed the argument near the north of the mansion but was too far away; estimated time was around 11:30 pm
    from another Newspaper
    Mary Martinez found body at 7:15 am when retrieving the morning paper; called 911
    Sheriff James Howard arrived shortly and pronounced death was between 11 pm and 1 am in the morning
  • Vivian's autopsy report

    autopsy report
    found lying in front of mansion gates
    pronounced dead at scene
    12 cm wide and 7 cm deep crack found on the right side of the head
    impact caused by strong force sharp object
    lacerations on front torso and back sides of both forearms
    died of blood loss
  • Mary Martinez working in the kitchen

    from Mary's accounts during interview
    Mary was working in the kitchen the days leading up to Vivian's death
  • Bernard Hopkins preparing for fundraiser

    from Bernard's accounts during interview
    was preparing for fundraiser then felt sick
    kept working until 9 pm in the evening
    was too sick to continue and said good bye to Vivian
    Dorothy saw Bernard leave
  • Dorothy preparing food

    from Dorothy's account during interview
    Dorothy was preparing food or making sure the other maids are doing their jobs
    fundraising held the following day, important to Vivian
    corroborate that Bernard left earlier than usual and Mary left past midnight
    Dorothy left and went home
  • Derrick Tyler out of town

    from Derrick's account during interview
    Derrick drove Charles to airport
    stay with friend that was moving upstate to West Dakota
    Derrick never gave number for friend
  • Witness interview

    from interview record
    Charles, Father Matthew Brooks, Bernard, Dorothy, Mary, and Derrick
  • Scott apprehended for Vivian's murder

    from Dorothy's diary
    Trisha had a nervous breakdown after Scott was apprehended
  • Vivian Brooks's funeral

    from Sheriff's Journal
    Trisha (daughter) was crying midway through funeral and Dorothy took her to the side, Charles (husband) was very quiet
    Present: Trisha (daughter), Charles (husband), Bernard (butler), Dorothy (head-servant), Derrick (chauffeur), Wanda (Derrick's mom)
  • Charles visits Scott in jail

    from Charles's diary
    asks why Scott killed Vivian
    Scott did not answer
  • Charles tells Dorothy about Vivian's cheating

    from Dorothy's journal
    Charles asked if Dorothy knew about Vivian cheating on him with a banker for more than a year
    Trisha was awake
  • Sheriff interrogates Dorothy

    from Dorothy's journal
    Sheriff went to visit Dorothy to ask if she saw anything suspicious the night Vivian died
  • Derrick visits Trisha

    from Dorothy's journal
    Derrick came to visit Trisha
    talked about expenses for Wanda's treatment
    said to Trisha "would it have been better if Scott just never showed up? would you have chosen me?"
  • Trisha admitted to hospital

    from Bernard's journal
    Trisha was admitted to hospital for mental breakdown
  • Charles visits Scott in jail again

    from Charles's diary
    Charles went to visit Scott again knowing that he will be released soon
    there's not enough evidence to pin him
    Scott looked thinner than before
    still would not have a conversation with Charles
    only said to Charles "I pity the ignorant"
  • Scott released on bail

    from Bernard's diary, Derrick's diary
    Father Matthew hires lawyers for Scott
    Scott is released on bail
  • Charles drunk at the inn

    from Charles's journal
    Charles said he was drunk at the inn
    he hates Scott but Scott is now a free man
    wonder what he would have to do to get someone to get rid of him
    Bernard was with him and Bernard drove him home
  • Derrick and Scott fought at market

    from Dorothy's journal
    Derrick and Scott got into an argument over Trisha
    Derrick asked Scott why he was avoiding Trisha
    no response from Scott, he just walked away
  • Scott is murdered

    from Newspaper dated 11/16/1995 by Daniel Hudson
    Scott's body found by a jogger at 6:50 am
    police arrived at 7 am and pronounced time of death to be 4-6 hours, which is between the hours of 1 am to 3 am
  • Trisha readmitted to hospital

    from Dorothy's journal
    Trisha is readmitted to hospital due to second mental breakdown
  • Trisha kills herself

    from Newspaper dated 12/27/1995 by Jonathan Walker
    Trisha falls 40 feet from rooftop and lands on her head
    pronounced dead at 7:20 am
    Trisha walking around at 6:30 am and headed to roof at 6:54 am
  • Trisha's funeral

    from Gibson's journal
    Charles tried to be strong but face was wet by the end of the ceremony
    Vivian's death shocked Oliver the most but does not believe Scott killed her
    Trisha's death hurt the most because Gibson spend the last few years mentoring her
    Charles lost all his family
  • Dorothy quits

    Letter of resignation from Dorothy to Charles
  • Investigation into Sofia's disappearance

    from Beckerd's Investigation, Jason Beckerd
    initial investigation was promising but further interviews led to dead ends
    main cause of Sofia's disappearance has to do with Andrew, Henry, and Vivian
  • Painscreek Community Hospital Closed

    from Sheriff's Journal
    from Newspaper, suspected embezzlement
  • Wanda passes away

    from Gibson's journal
    Wanda passed away due to cancer
  • Message to Steve Moss

    from anonymous
    wants Moss to investigate what happened to Vivian Roberts in 1995
    enclosed with threat to Vivian
  • Steven Moss receives anonymous message

    from Steven's journal
    anonymous left a message to Steven saying Scott did not murder Vivian
    message also says Scott was trying to figure out who killed Vivian, Andrew Reed, and Dr. Henry Johnson
  • Steven Moss to meet with Sheriff

    from Moss's notes, not crossed out
    Did he make it to meet the Sheriff?
    assumed year
  • Letter from Coroner to Sheriff James Howard

    letter about Vivian's cause of death
    crack in skull shows weapon is heavy with sharp end like an axe
    attacker is man or strong woman
    Vivian tried to block the attack
    1) victim was facing killer
    2) killer strong enough to land a clean but deadly blow
    3) killer is left handed
    weapon never recovered or confirmed
    assumption of axe still remains
  • Period: to

    Father Matthew on a missionary trip

    from Father Matthew's journal
    originally a 6 months missionary trip but extended an additional 6 more months
  • Period: to

    Dr. Henry Johnson is murdered

    on Newspaper, coroner puts death to be 10-15 days before body was found
    revised: coroner's report
    died of exsanguination, victim's lungs did not contain water, did not die by drowning
    revised estimated time of death to be between 12-16 days
    top right side of skull, wide crack caused by sharp object, strong force
    front torso, face, and back portions of forearms suffered multiple lacerations
    victim most likely succumbed to blood loss before being placed into water
  • Period: to

    Charles out of town

    from Charles's account during interview
    Charles was out of town starting on the 18th for a conference
    was supposed to be back after meeting but received a phone call from Bernard on the 20th about Vivian being murdered
  • Period: to

    Father Matthew Brooks out of town

    from Father Matthew's account during interview
    Father Matthew attended a religious gather in Hartford
    started on 7/18 and ended 7/23
    church can confirm Sunday service was cancelled