The french revolution and napoleon

Timeline created by haydenreinke
  • Napoleon born

    Napoleon was born in Corsica, an island in the Mediter-
    ranean, only a few months after France had annexed the island.
  • Bad crop harvest this year and the last

    The farms in france were producing less and less food bringing the country's growing economy to a halt.
  • The third estate takes the tennis court oath

    The third estate demands a constitution and vows to meet until it does
  • The mob storms the bastille for munitions and destroy it after not finding anything

    The rebels storm the prison Bastille searching for ammunition and weapons only to find none. they cut off the wardens head and destroyed the prison brickby brick
  • The rebels sign the declaration of the rights of man and citizen.

    Gave the rebels more rights like "liberty, property, security and resistance to oppression"
  • New constitution limited the power of the king

    The king still had a small amount of power but the main part of the laws made by the legislative assembly
  • The king and queen attempted to flee to Austria

    They disguised themselves as servants and attempted to leave the country but were caught and brought back to Paris.
  • War started with Austria

    The war began with the French not fairing well against them
  • The monarchy was officially abolished

  • The new republic, the national assembly, started meeting

  • Napoleon became a military captain

  • The king was beheaded

  • The revolutionary army grew massively

  • Robespierre was guillotined

    The tyrannical leader of the revolutionary government was killed ending the driving force behind the revolution
  • Period: to

    The directory ruled over the government

  • Napoleon commands over the French armies in Italy

  • Napoleon is appointed consul

  • Napoleon becomes the emperor of france

  • The civil code, or napoleonic code was introduced

    This code kept many of the idea the revolutionaries were fighting for.
  • Period: to

    Napoleon's empire held all the power over Europe

  • Period: to

    Napoleon created about 3,200 nobles

  • Napoleon invaded russia

    Napoleon invaded Russia with 600,000 soldiers
  • 40,000 of the original 600,000 made it back to Poland

  • Paris was captured and napoleon was exiled to the island of elba

  • Napoleon returned from exile as emperor

  • napoleon is defeated and stayed in exile until his death

  • Period: to

    The reign of terror

    the Committee of Public Safety took control of the government. 40,000 people were killed during the reign of terror