Life Event

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  • Born in Mazar, Afghanistan

    Born in Mazar, Afghanistan
    -Life Event
    I was born to a family of 3 boys, and another daughter was born after me.
  • Moved to Canada

    Moved to Canada
    Experienced role strain, role conflict, cohort, life event, trajectory,
  • Wore Hijab (headscarf)

    Wore Hijab (headscarf)
    Social & Cultural norm, role, life event, transition, cohort
  • Got Engaged & Dropped out of school

    Got Engaged & Dropped out of school
    Experienced a major trajectory, Life Event, social & cultural norms, role set, role strain, role conflict, status, transition
  • Divorced

    Social norm, role, role set, role strain, role conflict, life event, trajectory,
  • Hospitalized

    Life Event
  • House Fire

    House Fire
    Life Event
  • Surgery

    Life Event,
  • Pilgrimage

    Social & Cultural norm, role set, Life Event, Transition, Cohort,
  • Back to School

    Back to School
    Life Event, Trajectory, social norm, role set, role strain,
  • Period: to

    Moved to Uzbekistan

    Life Event, Cohort, Transition,
    - experienced significant changes to environment, culture, language, social norms and roles
    - fragment memories from the war in Afghanistan
    - the 7 years spent in Uzbekistan remains as a core cognitive personality development that influenced the development of the understanding of social norms and roles
  • Period: to


    Life Event, Trajectory, Social & Cultural norm, role strain, role conflict
    - I experienced major role strain and conflict at this stage of life as I was married very young
    - Being raised with three different social and cultural norms and roles, it was very challenging for me to function as an individual
    - I experienced an identity crisis which resulted in role conflicts