History of electronic communication

Timeline created by Jonathonk
  • Invention of the telegraph

    Invention of the telegraph
    Samuel morse invents the telegraph
  • Invention of the telephone

    Invention of the telephone
    Alexander Graham Bell invents the telephone
  • The radio is invented

    The radio is invented
    Gugliemo Marconi invents the radio
  • Televison was invented

    Televison was invented
    Philo T. Farnsworth invented the television
  • Satellites are first launched

    Satellites are first launched
    Sputnik was launched into space, a sattelite that could co0mmunicate with earth
  • Invention of Cellular phones

    Invention of Cellular phones
    Motorola invents the first handheld phone
  • Email is invented

    Email is invented
    VA Shiva Ayyadur invents Email
  • Facebook is created

    Facebook is created
    Facebook inc. created facebook, and online chatroom with millions of user