History of Animation

Timeline created by The_Grinning_Shadow
  • phenakistoscope

    The first equipment made from animation.
  • Zoetrope

    It makes an endless loop, so it makes the animation look like it's going on forever
  • The Movie Camera

    The Movie Camera
    The movie camera is a hi-tech camera that is specifically made to film live-action movies.
  • humorous phases of funny faces

    humorous phases of funny faces
    This changed animation because this was the movie that started it all.
  • Walt Disney

    Walt Disney
    Disney changed the way animated films were made he also changed the way people viewed animated films.
  • Long Live The Bull

    Long Live The Bull
    Long Live The Bull is the first claymation movie ever created.

    Pixar is so important because they appeal to some core truth about being alive. Doesn't matter if those stories are seen through the eyes of monsters, clownfish, robots, or cars.
  • The Simpsons

    The Simpsons
    The Simpsons are important in the animation industry because The Simpsons are the longest-lasting show in history ( 32 years of being aired and 682 episodes.).
  • Toy Story

    Toy Story
    Toy Story carve a mark in the history of animation because it was the first 3D animation movie ever created, that is huge.
  • Avatar

    Avatar the movie was so groundbreaking because it broke records with its visuals, excellent use of 3D, and the immersive setting of Pandora.