Evolution of the Coffee Maker

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  • Jan 1, 1400

    First Use and Creation of Coffee

    First Use and Creation of Coffee
    Though the origin of coffee is rather unclear, considering mixed accounts and linkages, the first use of brewed coffee is thought to have been in 15th Century Yemen. Sufis in the area created the drink by trapping the grounds in a simple, flat-bottomed pot and used the beverage as an enhancer of prayer. http://www.gocoffeego.com/professor-peaberry/history-of-coffee/850
  • Biggin

    In the 1780's in France, coffee making further evolved with the commercialization of the Biggin. This pot included two levels where water was filtered through the top and coffee was fed through a side hole. Later innovations would occur on the pot, including one by a Frenchman named Count Rumford, whose Drip Pot allowed the coffee to remain hot. http://www.thecoffeebrewers.com/hiofcobreq.html
  • Vacuum Coffee Maker

    Vacuum Coffee Maker
    Invented by Loeff of Berlin in the 1830's, but not patented until 1838 by Mme. Jeanne Richard, the Vacuum Coffee Pot features two chambers where vapor and internal pressure creates coffee. This invention, along with the minor innovations upon it that would follow, marked a turning point in coffee production from individual use to a more wide-spread distribution. http://baharris.org/coffee/History.htm
  • Percolator

    The Percolator was officially patented in 1865 in Massachusetts by a man named James Nason, but was later modernized in 1889 by a farmer named Hanson Goorich. The invention featured a detachable lid and inner workings that allowed for boiling water to run through and extract from a "brew basket" (contained the coffee) and filter into the cup itself. Electricity would further simplify and speed up the process. http://coffeemakerpicks.com/history-of-coffee-makers-and-coffee/
  • Espresso Machine

    Espresso Machine
    The first espresso machine was created by Angelo Moriondo in Italy in 1884, which used steam to drastically increase the productivity of coffee making. These machines could produce up to 1000 cups of coffee an hour, but often left the resulting coffee with a bitter taste, which would create what we know as espresso. http://www.thekitchn.com/the-history-of-the-espresso-machine-smithsonian-magazine-173106
  • Coffee Filter

    Coffee Filter
    Melitta Bentz attempted to remove coffee grounds from coffee and succeeded by using a paper filter and by punching holes through a brass pot in 1908. This revolutionized coffee production and made room for future inventions, such as the Drip Coffee Maker. https://www.melitta.com/en/Melitta-Journey-through-time-1703.html
  • Drip Coffee Maker

    Drip Coffee Maker
    Originally known as Wigomat, the first electric drip coffee maker was created in 1954 by Gottlob Widmann, and eventually replaced the previously popular percolator. Drip coffee making involved the production of coffee by pouring water through coffee grounds in a filter. Gottlob's invention further simplified the coffee making process and catered to a changing environment where electricity was becoming more prominent http://coffeemakerpicks.com/history-of-coffee-makers-and-coffee/
  • K-Cup Coffee Maker

    K-Cup Coffee Maker
    This single-serve coffee machine was created by Keurig and has gained a massive following in modern years. The machine has the ability to produce coffee only in exact portions by containing small capsules of brewed coffee. These machines provided a modernized, fast, and clean way to create coffee. http://www.coffee.org/A-Brief-History-of-Keurig