Ballet Russes Timeline

Timeline created by Ashanti Brown
  • Serge Diaghilev

    Serge Diaghilev
    Diaghilev died in 1929, leaving his dancers without work.
  • Resurrection

    1931 is when the resurection began
  • Baby Ballerinas

    Baby Ballerinas
    Balanchine has an idea to make very young dancers the stars of Ballet. At 12-13 years old, each having a different style from one another,these young dancers became known as the "baby ballerinas." Tamara Toumanova was more dramatic , Tania Riabounchinska was feather light with lots of personality, and Irina Boranova was more girlish, passionate and flirty
  • The FIRST Performance

    The FIRST Performance
    After their first performance in 1932 critics said “Ballet Russe de Monte-Carlo was the authentic air to Diaghilev’s Ballet Russe.”
  • Massine Era

    1933 started the Massine Era of ballet at the Ballet Russe de Monte-Carlo (in London).
  • FIRST American Tour

    In 1934 Ballet Russse de Monte-Carlo set sails for America where Sol Hurok (an impresario) booked their first American Tour. Sol Hurok was the most powerful theatrical promoter in the States. (it had been 20 years since Diaghilev’s Ballet Russe sailed to America, and America still didn’t know much about ballet.) by 1935 they had performed for 3 million people.
  • Massine

    In 1938 (London) each company was ready to make their debut. But Massine has lost all the rights to his choreography and found himself having to create 3 new enormous ballets.
  • War Declared

    September 3, 1939 War was declared. Britain and France declare war on Germany in World War II. Panic struck and most Russians did not have the right papers to leave the country. They were able to get on a boat headed to American. Both companies traveled on this boat.
  • Sol Hurok

    Sol Hurok
    Tour after tour, for 2 years both companies continued to work, but Horok and Basil (The Original Ballet Russe) started having conflicts. In 1941 Hurok severed his ties with Basil, publically declaring him as one of the most difficult people to work with. Because Sol Hurok had such connections around America, Basil and The Original Ballet Russe found themselves without work. Not being able to return to London yet, Basil took his company on a Latin American tour.
  • George Balachine

    George Balachine
    In 1944 Ballet crossed over into Broadway, choreographed by George Balachine. (Yes, the return; 12 years ago he left the Ballet Russe de Monte-Carlo and has been bouncing around ballet, Broadway, and film.
  • Return of George Balanchine

    Ballet crossed over into Broadway, Choreographed by George Balanchine
  • Last Performance

    Finally Hurok and Basil started talking again to arrange for the company to return to America. Yet, the company was exhausted and not ready for the demands of touring again. It was a disaster. Hurok once again abandoned the company and the dancers begin to leave for better opportunities. In return, Basil hired new dancers, not as qualified or technically proficient, leaving the company in worse shape. Nov 1948 was the company’s last performance.
  • Period: to

    The Rival of Ballet russes

    By: Ashanti Aaliyah Brown 7th