Allison's NASA timeline

Timeline created by mllison
  • ADEOS Advanced Earth Observing Satellite

    Created for Earth's enviroment
    First international space research for Earth's enviroment.
  • ACE Advanced composition explorer

    Obsevers particle of solar, interplantary,etc.
    Studied to help us understand of the formation and evolution of the Solar system
  • Acrimsat

    Acrim 111 is flying on Acrimsat
    It waas made to study the irradiance from the sun
    (irradiance-radiant energy)
  • Aqua

    NASA was sending spacecraft in the atmosphere to observe the global changes. They are observing oceans,ice and snow covers, land,etc.
    This helps the society know if there is anything dangerous in the oceans or on land that wouldn't be good for animals and humans to be around.
  • AIM Aeronomy of Ice in the Mesophere

    NASA sent spacecraft to the mesophere to observe the icey clouds
    This is important because these clouds have been seen lower and lower when there supposed to be near the North and South Poles.