LECL Comps Project Timeline

Timeline created by amandamcfadden
  • Complete Problem Statement

    Written description of the problem your paper or project addresses and why it's important- submit by e-mail
  • Collect influential papers and readings from past courses

    This will help me write my reflective narrative,
  • Read a few comps projects

    Take notes. Bring observations and questions to class on the 22nd.
  • Research day at library

    I need to find more information on Universal Design, experiential education and info about other sustainable living centers and eco-hostels.
  • Request Second Reader

  • Rough draft of preamble

  • Rough Draft of Whole Paper

    I would like to have a rough draft of the whole paper done by this time, I would like to get feedback as early as possible.
  • Edit 1st draft before sharing with peers

  • Begin preparing presentation on Prezi

  • Determine equipment needs

  • 2nd Draft of whole paper to share

  • Final drfat done and ready for final editing

  • 3rd draft of whole paper to share

  • Submit final paper for peer review

  • Begin polishing final presentation

  • Submit final paper to faculty readers