1981 Springbok Tour

Timeline created by lauren_mul
  • First major demonstration

    against the Sprinbok tour in New Zealand. Organized by HART (Hlat all Racist Tours. Tens of thousands of people protested against the tour around the country
  • Springboks arrived in New Zealand

    for the 1981 Springbok Tour
  • First Rugby test

    First Rugby test
    against Poverty Bay in Gisborne. Sprinboks won 24-6. Was the first time tour supporters and anti-tour protestors were confronted. Major protests and violence errupted between those for and against the tout
  • Protesters attack Rugby Park in Hamilton

    Protesters attack Rugby Park in Hamilton
    Hundreds of people stormed the pitch at hamilton where the Springboks were set to play against Waikato.
    There was concern after a rumor errupted that a light aircraft was stolen from Taupo and was heading for the stadium. Officals and authorities worried and decided the best course of action was to cancel the event.
  • Hamilton Game Cancelled

    The game against Waikato was cancelled due to hundreds of anti-tour protestors who invaded the rugby pitch
  • Anti-tour protest in Molesworth Street in Wellington

    Anti-tour protest in Molesworth Street in Wellington
    After the Springboks vs Taranki game in New Plymouth another protest started on Molesworth Street near Parliment in Wellington. This follwed a defeat of Taranaki by the Sprinboks. Police were forced to use violence to control the crowd by with batons.
  • First Test in Christchurch

    First Test in Christchurch
    The first actual test between the Sprinboks and the All Blacks. The All Blacks won 14-9. Barbed Wire lined the field as protesters fought against the game happening
  • Second Test in Wellington

    Second Test in Wellington
    Heavy protests throughout the day with over 7000 people participating outside in Central Wellington. Protesters blocked motorway exists and road and pedestrian access to the Stadium.
    Sprinboks won test 24-12
  • "Flour-bomb" test in Eden park in Auckland

    The third test between South Africa and the All Blacks. All Blacks won 25-22. However the real test was in the stands were crowds were at their most violent. Flour bombs and smoke bombs were dropped from a light aircraft that was flying low above the stadium. One flour bomb hit a New Zealand Player.
  • Springboks leave New Zealand