Kaden Emery Merritt

Timeline created by sarahinoviedo
  • Birth Day

    Kaden was delivered by Dr. Mervis at Winnie Palmer Hospital. He weighed 7 lbs 6 oz, and was 19" long.
  • Home

    We are released from the hospital!
  • 1st Doctor Visit

    1st trip to the doctor's office. 7 lbs 3 oz.
  • 1st bath at home

    Mommy and Grandma Merritt give Kaden his first bath, he was not a fan of baths.
  • Longer Sleep

    Kaden slept for 4 hours straight!
  • 2 Week Dr Visit

    Kaden weighs in at 7 lbs 11 oz.
  • 1st trip

    1st trip out to the mall with Mommy and Grandma Emery
  • Longer Sleep!

    Kaden slept for 5 hours straight!
  • 1st Smile

  • 1 Month Old

  • Weigh In

    9 lbs
  • First Trip to PC

    First trip to Port Charlotte. Was able to meet Daddy's side of the family and the rest of Mommy's.
  • Daycare

    Kaden's first time at daycare. Mommy cried.
  • Daycare Full Time

    Mommy back to work full time. Kaden to daycare full time.
  • 2 months old

  • 2 month dr visit

    1st set of shots (5). 24" long. 9 lbs 7 oz. concern with weight, trying new formula.
  • ER

    Kaden's 1st trip to the ER. Sick from the shots. Kaden loves Pedialyte.
  • 1st Halloween

    Kaden was Frankenstein, and went to work with Mommy.
  • Eats Cereal

    Not sure what to do with it, but likes it
  • 3 Months Old

  • Kaden sleeps through the night

  • 1st Plane Ride

    Mommy and Kaden fly to Philly to meet Auntie Carrie! First snow too!
  • Finds Hands

  • 1st Thanksgiving

    1st Bonfire
  • Grasps Objects

  • 4 months old

  • 4 Month Appt

    14 lbs 5 oz. 25 1/2'/
  • Eats Veggies

  • First Christmas

  • Eats fruit

  • Rolls Over

  • 5 Months Old

  • High Fever

  • Finds Toes

  • 1st Romance

    Mommy picked Kaden up from daycare - and Kaden was holding a girl's hand!
  • Laughs Out Loud

  • 6 Months Old

  • Tried Meat

    We both gagged
  • 6 month dr appt

    18 lbs. 28'
  • 1st tooth! & Scoots backwards

    Bottom left tooth, scoots backwards while on tummy
  • Sits up alone

  • Big Boy Bath

  • Completely up in Crawl Position

  • Up!

    Kaden lifts his arms when he wants to be picked up
  • 2nd tooth

    Two bottom teeth now!
  • 1st St Patty's Day

    Green and white sneaks, St pattys shirt, hat, and green pacifier
  • Trouble

    Kaden now squirms on to his stomach on the changing table
  • Portraits

    Kaden has Spring portraits done at daycare
  • Yay!

    kaden can clap!
  • Narcissist

    Kaden LOVES to watch himself in home videos.
  • 8 Months Old

  • 1st Easter

    First Easter. 4 Easter baskets. 1st Lollipop.
  • Boohoo

    Mommy visited Kaden at daycare and he cried when I left. 1st time :(
  • 1st Diaper Rash

    Not too bad for being almost 9 months old. He has tummy issues, think tooth is coming in.
  • Big Boy Car Seat

    1st trip in forward facing car seat. He puked everywhere half way to destination. Fine ever since.
  • Lovers

    Hung out in the hot tubwith Conrad and flirted with baby Brielle.
  • New sounds

    Bababababa & Hmmmmm
  • New tooth almost

    Upper right tooth coming in! Its right under the surface!
  • Doctor Appointment

    9 month check up.
  • Uh Oh

    Kaden mocks Mommy and Daddy and tries to say UH OH!
  • 9 Months Old

  • Kaden crawled!!!

  • 1st mothers day