Willard Van Orman Quine 6/25/1908 to 12/25/2000

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  • Birth

    Willard Van Orman Quine was born in Akron Ohio on the 25th of June in 1908
  • Analytic-synthetic Distinction

    Rudolf Carnap and Quine debate differences of analytical truths and synthetic truths. Quine doubted the distinction between analytical and synthetic. The issue for Quine was that for analytic sentences are an issue of language while synthetic are of evidence.
  • Two Dogmas

    Two Dogmas
    Quin published "two Dogmas in Retrospect". in this paper quine seeks to fix modern empiricism by ridding it of the two dogmas the Analytic-Synthetic distinction, and Logical Reductionism. The issue with analyticity is that the definitions presuppose analyticity and fails to explain what it is. Quin then argues that because analyticity is not true then nether is reductionism.
  • Naturalism

    ”- quine understands science to be the “attempts to improve our ordinary world knowledge” (Hylton, 2.1). For Quine scientist were just like anyone else except they look more into the details in the search of truth with systems in place.
  • Naturalized Epistemology

    here Quin explores how humans understand what is the world around us. The intake of sensory information and the output interpretations of the surrounding world. Quine sought to answer the question purely in scientific speak. The significance of this “is the rejection of any conception of observation as something empirically ‘given’ that grounds or justifies our knowledge” (Sinclair, 2)
  • Death

    W. V. Quine died in Boston Massachusetts on the 25th of December 2000
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    Quine attended Oberlin College in Ohio where he completed his Bachelors. In 1930 Quine received a scholarship to Harvard where he then finished his Ph.D. in Philosophy.