the impact of technology in the U.S

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  • Vaccine

    Vaccines were just testing taking years of development, it was finally avalible on the market. Even though there is many vaccines for differents diseases, the vaccine for smallpox was the only one that is availible world wide. This impact was curtural, political and economical.
  • Airplanes

    The creation of airplanes was huge. Its gave people a chance to do the impossible, to fly. The Wright brothers were the first to challegne the impossible. They tried several times before they made an airplane that could fly. The invention of the airplane was a economical and curtural event that has changed our lives.
  • First organ transplant

    First organ transplant
    In 1954, Dr Joesph Murray found a way to safely take a kidney from a a healthy doner and give some one with a a problem with their kidney. the first opperation was was on his brother, and they got the kidneies from a pair of identical twins.
  • Facebook

    Facebook was created in 2004 by a collage drop outby the name of Mark Zuckerberg. Facebook doesn't seem like it would make a big impact, but it has. As a social meida site, it has takenthe world be storm. Just about every one has a facebook acount, so they can keep in touch with old friends or distaint relitves.Facebook has become a big part of our culture and part of social lifes as well. People would argue that facebook has made any impact, and some think it with out even knowing it.