Technologies for the last and next 50years

Timeline created by IF10
  • The first computer-electronic numerical inregrator and computer(ENIAC)

    The first computer-electronic numerical inregrator and computer(ENIAC)
    The first computer is invented in Pennsylvania university. It call electronic numerical inregrator and computer(ENIAC)

    high:2.44 m
    cost: one million dollars
    1946--1954: used Vacuum tube, slow, expensive, large ,not convinent
  • 1950: Standards Western Automatic Computer

    1950: Standards Western Automatic Computer
  • second generation computer

    second generation computer
    The second generation computer is used transister in the computer. During 1954,the first tranasistor computer was invented . Beginning of this year, transistor instead of Vacuum tube. Three scientice who are J. Bardeen, W. Shockley, H.W. Brattain. They invented transistor and use it in computer. it size the same as bean.
    transistor computer: cheaper, small, less heat, faster , power saving


  • transistor change to circuit

  • The LINC (Laboratory Instrumentation Computer)

    The LINC (Laboratory Instrumentation Computer)
  • The first computer games

    The first computer games
    Inventor is Steve Russell. He invented the SpaceWar. It was the first game intended for computer use. Russell used a MIT PDP-1 mainframe computer to design his game.
  • Mouse and windows

    Mouse and windows
  • the third generation computer

    the third generation computer
    Interated Circuit (IC) instead of transistor.
    size, speed, weight, power are better than the second generation computer.
  • The first commercially successful minicomputer

    The first commercially successful minicomputer
  • APRAne:the first network to implemt IP adress

  • The forth generation computer

    The forth generation computer
  • Networking

  • 1974-75:IBM 510IBM 5100 computers, Scelbi, MArk-8 Altair: the first onsumeer computer

  • Woordstar ssoftware

  • Hime comuter/ personal computer

  • The first model laptop

    The first model laptop
    Laptop is an idea by John Ellenby. Bill Moggridge is the designer of the first model latop.

    Call " Compass computer".
  • Apple lisa computer

  • The first personal computer with a graphical user interface

  • Microsoft windows

    Microsoft windows
  • The Macintosh Portable

    The Macintosh Portable
    Apple's first attempt at a battery-powered computer
  • DOOM

    first-person shooter-style game
  • Web TV invented

  • My first phone

    My first phone
  • My first computer

    My first computer
    The fifth generation computer
  • The first iPad

    The first iPad
  • iPhone 5

  • iPhone 5c, 5S

    iPhone 5c, 5S
  • Medical card online

    Medical card online
  • transistor change to circuit

    transistor change to circuit
  • Samsung smart watches

    Samsung smart watches
  • Google glasses

    Google glasses
    Glasses which show you information online. Just like in the spy movies!
  • Computer with sun batary

    Computer with sun batary
  • Glass-computer

  • Computer which obeys your mind

  • Mind reader

    Mind reader
    A computer which can read people's mind,used by spies
  • Flying Cars

    Flying Cars
    Just like in 5th eliment
  • Foldable computer

  • Self-fill food

    Self-fill food
    It can refill itself without you eve going anywhere,you just need to pay online
  • Medicine from cancer

  • Medicine from AIDS

  • Eye contacts-computer

    Eye contacts-computer
  • Ability to choose your offspring characteristics

    Ability to choose your offspring characteristics
  • Bottomless bag

    Bottomless bag
    It's a bag i which you can put absolutely anything,and the bag won't get heavier
  • New Skype

    New Skype
    now people can touch and smell each other by Skype
  • Robots

    Robots act just like people,they are able to do any work
  • Portal

    People make a portal which let them to travel everywhere for seconds
  • First mouse-clone

    First mouse-clone
  • Memory cards

    There are cards which can be used for saving our memories and playing it on computer