Sustainable Development

Timeline created by feniush
  • First Book

    First Book
    The book named "Silent Spring" is the first book to ever talk about the environment impact and how to take care go it.
  • The Roman Club

    The Roman Club
    It was the first congress where several important people talked about the modifications that the environment was suffering.
  • In 70’s decade

    In 70’s decade
    It is important to emphasize that the concept of sustainability had previously been raised in the 70s under the name of "ecodevelopment".
  • 80’s decade

    80’s decade
    During the 1980s the use of the term "sustainable development" was consolidated, much more accepted.
  • World Commission on Environment and Development

    World Commission on Environment and Development
    The UN stablished this Commission.
  • Vienna Convention

    Vienna Convention
    It was the first congress ever to discuss the impact of the CFC.
  • 90’s decade

    90’s decade
    We arrived then at the 90s and the notion of sustainability divides into two different sides: weak sustainability and strong sustainability.
  • Creation of the term “sustainability”

    Creation of the term “sustainability”
    The notion of sustainable development gained political relevance after the "Earth Summit" held in 1992 in Rio de Janeiro.First Conference about Environment and Development.The discussed aspects were climate change and biodiversity.
  • Kioto Protocol

    Kioto Protocol
    The Kioto Protocol is approved by the United Nations.
  • USA and China don't care

    USA and China don't care
    In the Bali peak, China and the United States refused to follow the new protocol and agreements set for environmental care.
  • The Paris Agreement

    The Paris Agreement
    It establishes the measures to produce the emissions responsible for the Greenhouse Effects.
  • Sustainable Development Goals

    Sustainable Development Goals
    A universal call to adopt the means in order to end poverty, protect the planet and guarantee peace and prosperity.