Stephen Edelston Toulmin (March 25, 1922-December 4, 2009)

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  • Born

    Stephen Toulmin was born in London on March 25, 1922.
  • Education

    Toulmin received his BA in mathematics and physics from Kings College in 1942 and his Doctorate in ethics from Cambridge University in 1948. While at Cambridge, he studied under Ludwig Wittgenstein. Wittgenstein's concern for links between meanings and use of language influenced much of Toulmin's work in moral and rhetoric reasoning. After graduation he became university lecturer in philosophy at Oxford University.
  • The Uses of Argument

    The Uses of Argument
    Toulmin released multiple books, one of his most influential being "The Uses of Argument" in 1958. The idea behind the book was to "criticize the assumption, made by most Anglo-American academic philosophers, that any significant argument can be put in formal terms". Toulmin gives justification to arguments in six parts known as the Toulmin Model of Argument, which is is still used today by the communication community.
  • Toulmin Model of Argument

    Toulmin Model of Argument
    Toulmin found six parts in his contribution to argument theory: claim, data/evidence, warrant, backing, rebuttal and qualifier. The following video goes into further detail.
  • "Foresight and Understanding: An Enquiry Into the Aims of Science"

    "Foresight and Understanding: An Enquiry Into the Aims of Science"
    Toulmin released the book, often mentioned along with Thomas Kuhn's work. The book examined the purpose of science and the information needed for a theory. Toulmin rejected the thesis that all sciences have a aim or purpose.
  • ""Human Understanding: The Collective Use and Evolution of Concepts"

    ""Human Understanding: The Collective Use and Evolution of Concepts"
    In the book, Toulmin criticizes Thomas Kuhn's theory of paradigm shifts in the revolutionary process, and instead proposed a Darwinian model of conceptual change.
  • Thomas Jefferson Lecturer

    Thomas Jefferson Lecturer
    The National Endowment for the Humanities honored him, with the highest honor the federal government confers for distinguished intellectual achievement in the humanities.
  • Gifford Lecturer

    Gifford Lecturer
    Toulmin was named the Gifford Lecturer at the University of Edinburgh.
  • Death

    Stephen Toulmin passed away at USC University hospital in Los Angeles, California on December 4, 2009.