Stages of education through history

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  • The University in Mexico in the 19th century

    In September 1910 The National University of Mexico was inagaurated until the outbreak of Mexican Revolution again disrupted the political, social and economic life of Mexico.
  • Period:
    1,521 BCE

    Prehispanic education

    Through the Chichimecas and Nahuas range from writing, mathematics to astronomy including religios and ritual aspects. Mayan and Nahua excelled in the formation of education but was the aztecs who organized and laid the foundations for public education.
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    Education in the Viceroyalty

    The educational policy of the crown was focused initially on the evangelization of the indigenous people.
    The education of creoles and mestizos. Their first school was San Juan de Letran. In this stage the school for girls also was founded " Nuestra señora de la caridad". The betlemitas open their school "Colegio de las Vizcainas" this was the first secula institution. One of the most important universities was founded in this period The Royal and Pontifical University of Mexico.
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    Education in Mexico in the XIX century.

    Jose Mará Morelos laid the foundations of the educational system. The constitutive act of the mexican nation was promulgated which allow the development of the country of education. Lay education is established. Ignacio Ramirez was a liberal and was pleasing that the state of the church separated and proposed the education of women. the organic law of public of public education was created.
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    Education in Mexico 19th century. Second part.

    Primary school served as a pilar in public education. Little by little this physical space was outline and defined as an institution. As weel as the secretary of instruction Justo Sierra decree free lay and compulsory education.
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    The Education in Mexico 20th century

    The educational policy of the goverments promoted education as a means to rebuild a state that would garantee the progress and modernization of the country. SEP. Supported the children crusade against illiteracy in 1922. Normal schools were founded in addtition to rural technical and agricultural. The National Polytechnic institute was also created in 1936.
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    The Education in Mexico 20th century. Second part.

    In 1972 The reform of primary education and textbooks were established and the high school and the Metropolitan Autonomous University were founded. In 1978 decentralization of education began. The first free textbooks in indigenous languages were delivered. In 1993 Secondary Education was declared compulsory. the National Arts Center was inaugurated. The educational renewal program was presented.