My Special Education Timeline

Timeline created by hdawg515
  • Summer 2015

    Summer 2015
    Began volunteering with Camp Inclusion, a sports themed summer camp for disabled youth ages 12-21. Disabilities range from all levels of the Autism spectrum from high functioning to low motor skill and nonverbal and also down syndrome. Volunteered on multiple field trips to the Chesapeake Bay, zoo, and many other locations. Also assisted camper in activities such as, floor hockey games, Zumba class, relay races, soccer, and many more. I was a volunteer up until the summer of 2017.
  • Fall 2015

    Fall 2015
    Began working overnight respite camp weekends for the League for People with Disabilities. Camper disabilities ranged from across the autism spectrum to cerebral palsy. Campers aged from 8-81 and older. Campers would participate in sports activities as well as cooking and arts and crafts. Worked with campers who were fully independent in hygienic abilities as well as fully dependent on hand-over-hand assistance. This respite camp was only during spring and fall. I worked here from 2015-2017
  • Summer 2016

    Summer 2016
    Began volunteering a few days a week at Cedar Lane School during their summer school sessions. Disabilities varied, but mostly on the autism spectrum. Some of the responsibilities included one to one assistance with aggressive and non-aggressive students. Students age from 8-13 years. Students learned basic everyday activities and participated in a number of arts and crafts and outdoor activities.
  • Fall 2017

    Fall 2017
    Began teaching at Woodlawn High School teaching math with over 50 students with IEPs and 504s. Learning disabilities were mostly for students with delayed learning or ADHD. Scaffolding and outside the box activities were crucial in helping to close learning gaps and help those who struggled succeed. Have taught Algebra 2, College Algebra, AP Stats, Geometry, and Sets Functions & Probabilities.
  • Winter 2017

    Winter 2017
    Began working for Trellis Services with an 11 year old student with high functioning autism, who's favorite president was JFK. Her knowledge about all 50+ presidents was superb & her favorite activities were repainting her Littlest Pet Shop pets & making Youtube videos of their adventures. She struggled with dealing with her emotions and being more independent. Worked with her on dealing with crowds in public & other essential daily activities.Worked with her for 6 months.
  • Fall 2018

    Fall 2018
    Began co-teaching a self contained math class for seniors at Woodlawn High school. Worked on basic Algebra 1 & 2 skills. Focused on teaching them about using math in real world situations such as which is cheaper on delivery fees GrubHub, Door Dash, etc since a lot of students order food to the school. Worked with a lot of students 1-on-1 to tighten skills and highly scaffolded to better their IEP and 504 needs. Worked with these students for the 2018-2019 school year.