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  • Birth

    Sacagawea was born circa May 1788, but the exact day of her birth is not known. She was born in Lemhi County, Idaho, into the tribe of the Snake Indians
  • Kidnapping

    Sacagawea was kidnapped by the Hidatsas, who sold her to Toussaint Charbonneau, a French-Canadian fur trader. Charbonneau made Sacagawea one of his wives.
  • Beginning of Expedition

    Beginning of Expedition
    Lewis and Clark, who were asked to explore the Louisiana Purchase, hired Toussaint Charbonneau to interpret Hidatsa. Sacagawea went with her husband, and she was pregnant on the journey.
  • Giving Birth

    Giving Birth
    Sacagawea gave birth to her son named Jean Baptiste. Lewis helped her deliver the baby.
  • 16 Month Journey

    16 Month Journey
    Sacagawea traveled 5,000 miles in a journey that would last 16 months. During this trip, she had to care for her son and share her knowledge of the local food.
  • Saving Supplies

    Saving Supplies
    A boat on the expedition is almost blown over, causing supplies to be lost. Sacagawea reacted quickly and caught most of the research notes and books, which contained a lot of the information collected from the expedition.
  • The Sacagawea River

    The Sacagawea River
    Due to Sacagawea's action, a river was named after her. The Sacagawea River is located in north central Montana. This river is also known as the Bird Woman's River.
  • Sickness

    Sacagawea becomes sick for a total of seven days, and she is cured with sulphur water coming from a spring.
  • Reunited

    Sacagawea arrives at Shoshone Islands. There, she finds one of the women that she was kidnapped with, and her brother Chief Cameahwait. At this location, she helped the expedition get horses, and she translated many languages throughout their journey.
  • Arrival Home

    Arrival Home
    Sacagawea and Charbonneau arrived back home at Mandan village. There, Charbonneau was awarded with a great amount of money and land, while Sacagawea got nothing.
  • Child Birth

    Child Birth
    Sacagawea gives birth to her daughter, Lizette.
  • Death (Possible)

    Death (Possible)
    One of Charbonneau's wives, likely Sacagawea, dies in South Dakota at the age of 25 due to fever.
  • Death (Possible)

    Death (Possible)
    The woman claiming to be Sacagawea dies. It is not certain whether this is her true date of death, or if she died back in 1812.
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    Sacagawea's Life