Ruby Bridges' Life

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  • Ruby Was Born

    Ruby Was Born
    Ruby was born September 8, 1954 in Mississippi. She was the oldest child of Abon and Lucille Bridges.
  • The Beginning Of Change

    The Beginning Of Change
    The federal judge forced New Orland's Public Schools to integrate white and black people. The spring of 1960 Ruby took a test along with others to decide who should help integrate the schools.
  • Dad Loses Job, Grandparents Move

    Dad Loses Job, Grandparents Move
    Ruby's dad loses his job to the catastrophe of Ruuby in a white school. Also Ruby's grandparents were affected. The owners of the land the sharecropped said everyon eknew their granddaughter was causing trouble, so they had to move.
  • First Day Of School

    First Day Of School
    Ruby was chosen to go to William Frantz for 6th grade. Six children were selected to intergrate schools. Two of them stayed at their old school. And three were assigned to McDonough.
  • New Life

    New Life
    Ruby marries Malcolm Hall in New Orleans, and now they have 4 sons.
  • Brother Dies

    Brother Dies
    Ruby's youngest brother, Milton is murdered in the streets of New Orleans.
  • The Story of Ruby Bridges

    The Story of Ruby Bridges
    Robert Coles, Ruby's child psychiatrist, publishes The Story of Ruby Bridges.
  • Reunited

    Ruby and Mrs.Henry reunite after years thanks to the publisher of The Story Of Ruby Bridges.
  • Period: to


    Ruby goes to William Frantz Grade School, and graduates from Francis T. Nicholls High School.