Roger Bacon

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  • 1214

    The Birth of Roger Bacon

    Roger Bacon was born in the year of 1214, in llchester in Somerset. His exact year of birth has been a topic of controversy and historians state it as 1213 or 1214, going by his statement.
  • 1237

    The Career of Roger Bacon

    Roger Bacon was a 13th century English philosopher and Franciscan Friar who was awarded the scholastic accolade "Doctor Mirabilis" meaning "Wonderful Teacher".
  • 1240

    Roger Bacon's Education

    His early education was in geometry, arithmetic, music, astronomy, and the classics. He then attended the Oxford University an developed an interest in natural philosophy and mathematics. He then became a master at Oxford University.
  • 1245

    Roger's next appointment

    His next appointment was at the Paris University. At Paris University he talked about Aristotelian Corpus, which include physics, meta-physics and the pseudo-Aristotelian De Vegetabilibus and the De Causis;
  • 1247

    Roger's Investment

    He was inspired by the great scholar Robert Grosseteste and he begin investing his time and money in secret books, training assistant, meeting savants, and constructing instruments.
  • 1256

    Publishing Books

    Roger became a friar in the Franciscan Order, Master General Bonaventure issued a decree that prohibited friars from publishing books without the Order's prior approval.
  • 1260

    Bypassing Order's decree

    Bacon contacted Cardinal Guy le Gros de Fouiques, who became Pope Clement lV. The Pope issued a papal mandate asking Bacon for his philosophical writings and his view on the possibility of philosophy in theology.
  • 1268

    Running out of Luck

    Roger's luck ran out when the Pope passed away and left no official review or opinion on his work.
  • 1277

    House Arrest

    The Order put him under house arrest on the accounts of his beliefs in alchemy and the general disregard for the other innovators. His book disregarded magical practices and had the formula for the philosopher's stone and possibly gunpowder.
  • 1292

    Death of Roger Bacon

    Roger Bacon passed away in 1292. Many books have been written about him including "Doctor Mirabilis", "The Face in the Frost", "Fifth Business" and "The Black Rose".