Benjamin Harrison A.O.

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  • Period: to

    First wife Birth date and death date

  • Birth Date

    Birth Date
    Born in North Bend, Ohio
  • Mothers Death

    Mothers Death
  • Graduated College

    Graduated College
    Miami University, Oxford, Ohio
  • Important dates

    Admitted to the bar, practiced at Cincinnati
  • First marriage

    First marriage
    Married, Caroline Harrison for 39 years 5 days
  • Important dates

    Important dates
    Moved to Indiana
  • Period: to

    First born

    Russell Benjamin Harrison
    Born in Oxford, Ohio
    Died in In Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Important dates

    Received A.M. degree
  • Period: to

    Middle Child

    Mary Scott Harrison
    Born in Unknown
    Died in Greenwich, Connecticut
  • Period: to

    Second wife birth date and death date

  • Important dates

    Reporter of decisions, Indiana supreme court
  • Important dates

    Breveted brigadier general
  • Important dates

    Honorable discharge from army
  • Fathers death

    Fathers death
    North Bend, Ohio
  • Important dates

    Member, Mississippi River Commision
  • Period: to

    Presidents time in office

  • Important dates

    Important dates
    Oklahoma opened to settlers
  • Johnstown Flood

    Johnstown Flood
    Killed over 2,000 people
  • 39th State

    39th State
    North Dakota admitted to the union
  • 40th State

    40th State
    South Dakota admitted to the union
  • 41st State

    41st State
    Montana admitted to the union
  • 42nd State

    42nd State
    Washington admitted to the union
  • Law passed

    Law passed
    Sherman Antitrust Act enacted, to curtail combinations of power that interfere with trade and reduce economic competition.
  • 43rd State

    43rd State
    Idaho admitted to the union
  • 44th State

    44th State
    Wyoming admitted to the union
  • Important dates

    Sherman silver purchase act passed
  • Congress

    Benjamin Harrison had the first billion-dollar congress
  • Cabinet

    Two officers with the same name
  • Second marriage

    Second marriage
    Mary Scott Lord Dimmick Harrison
    Married for 4 years
  • Period: to

    Youngest Child

    Elizabeth Harrison
    Born in Indianapolis, Indiana
    Died in unknown
  • Death

    Indianapolis, Indiana