All About Me

Timeline created by tortakiller3000
  • The Day I Was Born

    I was born in Santa Ana. I am the the last kid out of 2.
  • Starting School

    I stared pre school in Russell elementary. I was really shy and i didn't talk.
  • Going To Yosemite

    i went to big bear when i was 6. i went to go see the water fall. i saw a bear and i was hiding cause i was scared of it.
  • First Fight

    i got into a fight in school because some kid and his friends called me fat. I tried to walk away but the kid pushed me. i hit kid in the face.
  • Fighting With My Brother

    i got into a fist fight with my brother. i was 10 when we first fought. he took my money so i took his bike and sold it.
  • Me Getting Suspended

    i got suspended for bringing a bb gun to school. i shot my friends with it. i got caught cause a girl saw me putting it in my backpack.
  • Learned How To Drive

    i learned how to drive at the age of 12. i almost crashed with my brother that same day.
  • Broke My Finger

    i broke my middle finger when i was in the summer. i broke by fighting with my brother.
  • Graduating From Middle School

    i graduated from tewinkle middle school. my family took me to eat after at my favorite restaurant.
  • Joining Football

    my freshmen year i join the my schools football team. i was one of the biggest linemen in the team. i played left and right tackle and nose guard.
  • Moving Schools And City

    i moved to santa ana from costa mesa. i moved schools to my old school was estancia and i moved to los amigos. it sucked when i moved because i had to start over again.
  • Concert

    i went to my first concert by bone and thugs harmony at the observatory. i went with my brother and his friends.
  • Meeting The Mayor

    i met the mayor of costa mesa. i went to his house with my football team because his son is in the football team and they invited us to there home. we made burgers hot dogs bbq and he let us use his pool
  • Running From Cops

    me and my friends were kicking it at the golf course. cops saw us and chased us but there was a gate that was open so we got away.
  • Driver Licence

    i am try to get my driver licence. i turned 16 and i need it to drive to school.