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In Music
  • Vinyl records

    Vinyl records
    My parents and grandparents had collections of these they would listen to when I was a child. I loved to start the record player!
  • 8 Track Tapes

    8 Track Tapes
    My dad had a prize collection of 8 track tapes. I remember listening to them in his truck and on his 8 track player stero.
  • FM/AM radio

    FM/AM radio
    Trying to dial into your favorite radio station could be tricky. You had to turn the dial so slowly and make sure your antenna was placed just right.
  • Tapes

    I loved to get blank tapes and record my favorite songs off the radio so that I could listen to them again and again!
  • CD player

    CD player
    My dad got a CD player stereo when I was in first grade. I thought he was so cool!
  • Tape player

    Tape player
    My first tape player looked something like this. It was perfect because it had that red record button. I could record music!
  • Walkman Tape Player

    Walkman Tape Player
    Listening to a tape on my Walkman was so nice. You could listen to music where ever you went!
  • Boombox

    My first boombox looked something like this.
  • CD player stereo

    CD player stereo
    I remember getting a CD player for Christmas when I was around 14. I was so excited!
  • CD car stero

    CD car stero
    I saved up my money to buy a cd player for my truck in high school. You had to store all your cds in a big case and trying to switch your cds while driving could get tricky!
  • I Pod

    I Pod
    My first Ipod was a shuffle. I would wear it around my neck when I went running. It made listening to music on the go so easy!
  • IPod touch

    IPod touch
    This is still how I listen to music. All my music is on my ipod and this is also how I buy music. Got it in 2010 and it is still going strong!
  • Pandora

    Pandora is the best to listen to any music you want without having to purchase it.