Leonardo Da Vinci

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  • 1452

    Leonardo’s Birth

    Leonardo was born in 15 April 1452 in the Tuscan hill town of Vinci. Leonardo’s parents were Mr Ser Piero and Ms Daterina Di Meo, they were not married
  • 1467

    Leonardo Sent To Florence To Work

    Leonardo was sent to Florence, Italy to work as a apprentice to Andrea De Verrochio, a Italian painter
  • 1472

    Leonardo accepted into painters guild of France

    Leonardo was accepted into the painters guild of Florence, Italy aged 20
  • 1486

    Leonardo finishes painting of The Virgins Of The Rock

    Leonardo started painting Virgins Of The Rocks in 1483 and finished it in 1486, it is located in Paris, France
  • 1495

    Leonardo starts the famous painting The Last Supper

    Leonardo starts painting The Last Supper. In the painting there are 12 apostle including John The Apostle. The painting was commissioned by the Duke Of Milan
  • 1498

    Leonardo finishes the painting The Last Supper

    Leonardo finishes the painting The Last Supper. The. Painting is 460cm x 880cm big, it is located in Santa Maria, Italy
  • 1500

    Leonardo begins painting The Virgin And A Child With Saint Anne

    The Virgin And Child With Saint Anne is a oil painting, he finished the painting after 10 years. The painting was commissioned by King Louis XII of France following the birth of his daughter
  • 1500

    Leonardo Returns to Florence

    After the fall of Ludovico Sforza, his patron in Milan. Leonardo returned to France
  • 1502

    Leonardo Begins work as senior military architect and general engineer for Cesare Borgia

    Leonardo begins to work for Cesare Borgia. Cesare Borgia is the son of Pope Alexander VI
  • 1503

    Leonardo is commissioned to paint Mona Lisa

    Leonardo was inspired by La Gioconda and La Giocanda’s wife, the person in the painting is half man and half women
  • 1506

    Leonardo finishes Mona Lisa

    Mona Lisa is so Special because Da Vinci achieved an unusual effect, the Mona Lisa’s smile changes depending on where you look
  • 1515

    Leonardo paints St John The Baptist

    Leonardo painted St John and it was probably completed in 1516, it’s believed to be Leonardo’s last painting
  • 1516

    The king of France invites Leonardo to work

    The French King invited Leonardo to the royal summer home. The French king had hired the renaissance master as “The kings first painter”
  • 1519

    Leonardo’s death

    Leonardo died in 15 May 1519, aged 67 in France. Leonardo sadly died from a stroke