Histroy of †he atom Max McLean

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  • John Delton

    John Delton
    John dalton was an chemist, physicist and a meteorologist. He was known for the time and effort in the development of the atomic theory and other research. He synthesized the atomic theory with spherical solid atoms starting upon measurable resources of a mass.
  • Michael Faraday

    Michael Faraday
    Michael Faraday studied the effects of electricity on liquids, coined term (electrolysis) as a splicing of molecules with electricity. He developed laws of electrolysis. Him himself was not of atomism.
  • G.j. stoney

    G.j. stoney
    George was an irish physicist. George was most known for introducing the term electron as the basic unit quantity of electricity. He also proposed the electricity composed of discrete negative particles he called electrons.
  • Sir william Crookes

    Sir william Crookes
    William found cathode rays had the following properties: follow a straight line form the cathode, make glass to fluoresce, impart a negative charge to objects they strike, deflect due to electric fields and magnets to suggest a negative charge, make pinwheels in their path to spin showing they have mass
  • Dmitri Mendeleev

    Dmitri Mendeleev
    Dmitri arranged 7 elements into groups with like properties. Dmitri discovered the the properties of elements "were periodic functions of the their atomic weights". This is now the periodic law.
  • Wilhelm Roentgen

    Wilhelm Roentgen
    Wilhelm used a CRT to observe that nearby chemicals glowed. Future experiments found a lot of penetrating rays coming from the CRT that that were not deflected by a magnetic field. Wilhelm called them x-rays.
  • Marie sklodowska curie

    Marie sklodowska curie
    Marie studied uranium and thorium and called their unplanned decay process radioactivity. Her husband and her also found radioactive elements polonium and radium.
  • Frederick Soddy

    Frederick Soddy
    Soddy looked at spontaneous break down of radioactive elements into alternatives he called isotopes or totally new elements found made totally of calculation on energy released during decay
  • Lise Meitner

    Lise Meitner
    she conducted experiments confirming the heavy elements capture neutrons and make unstable items which go though fission.
  • Enrico fermi

    Enrico fermi
    He leaded the first controlled chain reaction releasing energy from the nucleus.He is best known for his work on the building of the Chicago pile 1 nuclear reactor (the first one ever made)
  • Glenn Seaborg

    Glenn Seaborg
    Glenn won the 1951 Nobel prize in chemistry fo findings in the chemistry of transuranium elements.Made 6 transuranium elements and suggested a change in the periodic table.