History of the computer

Timeline created by Desi Sallee
  • z1 Computer

    z1 Computer
    The Z1the Z1 made by Konrad Zuse. Though it had limited programability the Z1 was unique in its mechanical memory units. The memory was a 64 point floating word and could be read translated from the control unit.
  • The first well known computer virus

    The first well known computer virus
    History of the computer virus The origin of teh computer virus wwas when in 1949, John von Neumann , Ttheorized that a self repilicating p[rogram coudl be created.

    The Creeper of 1971 is said to possibly be teh first computer virus to be created. It was mostly harmless and displayed the phrase 'I am teh creeper, catch me if you can.' on the display of the computer. Anti-virus Reaper was later created to combat the creeper virus.
  • The first computer animation

    The first computer animation
    The first animation made by computer This was not made to test out computer graphics but was rather made to test research on developing communications satellites.
  • ARPAnet

    ARPAnetThis was the beginings of teh interent. At first it only connected UCLA, Standford, UC Santa barbra, and the university of utah. It wasn't big, all you could sdo was print remotely and share files but it was a break through in progress for the internet we use today.
  • The tablet

    The tablet
    The tablet begining with the Dyna book in 1968 the tablet has come along way from beimng a simple piece that planned your day to a new and brightly lite technology that allows you to do anything from reading and painting to watching the newest movies to reading the news paper.
  • The Apple 1

    The Apple 1
    Computerhistory.orgSold for $666.66, the first apple computer was only a blank circuit board that came with a 16 page manual and parts kit. The buyer had to buy their own power supply, key board, and display.
  • The first laptop

    The first laptop
    The osborne 1The Osborne 1 is said to be the first portable computer. It was a clunk piece taht weighed nearly 24 pounds but this also made it less easy to break. Although teh screen was small many liked being able to carry around their computers along with their floppy disks.
  • The floppy Disk

    The floppy Disk
    History of the floopy Disk Created by IBM in 1967 the first floopy disk to be used in a personal computer was in August of 1981. Origenally made at 8 inches teh floopy disk began to shrink as it evolved. Todays floopy disk is only 3.5 inches and is now less fragile then it's original make.
  • Windows 1.0

    Windows 1.0
    The first windowsCreated by Bill Gates and sold for $99 dollars. With Windows 1.0 users could now use a mouse rather then having to type in comands. Windows 1.0 came with paint, windows writer, a clock, and even a game called Reversi.
  • Deep Blue

    Deep Blue
    Deep Blue IBM's Deep Blue was a machine made to play chess. It was to push forward in computer's being able to handle complex calculations that could be used to allow the computers to be worked with in making new perscription drugs as well as to help in science and in banking.