Design Process Infographic

Timeline created by Jace1085
  • Objective(s)

    Because I don't really have any background in designing a course layout, I plan on using the "backwards design" model. The objective can be to overcome a specific issue those particular students are facing in the classroom, or it can simply be the objective from the curriculum (local/district/etc).
  • Evidence/analysis/rubric

    Here is where I determine how a student can show mastery of a concept/idea. I want to use a grading scale that goes well with each activity and can involve the students themselves (and possibly each other) in deciding on their grade based on participation and the contributions they made to the classroom. I also want to include extra credit that doesn't just make up from students' shortcomings but can help motivate the ones that are excelling in the course.
  • Student evaluation

    Before planning a lesson, I need to assess the students in relation to the objective.
  • Resource check

    Check available tools and materials (tech, space, etc.)
  • Plan experiences and instruction

    The activities and instruction will be influenced by the students and available resources, but they should always be used with the goal of helping the students achieve mastery of the course material.
    With the core requirements and curriculum in mind, I will chose teaching models that will best help students to get involved in their own learning and mastery of the subject. I will also plan activities that will help students before, during, and after the reading/video/lecture.
  • Implement

    Lesson time with actual students.
  • Evaluate

    Evaluation of students; analyze progress toward objective. Ask for feedback from students. What was difficult, unclear, boring, or useless? ***Is the objective right?***
  • Upgrade

    Use feedback and assessment to improve or replace what doesn’t help students reach the objective.