CSHS by 2020

Timeline created by ADeniston
  • Technology Implementation Plan

  • Chrome Book Order

    4 Carts
  • Create Cohort of Teachers

    5-10 teachers ready to train and implement BYOD
  • Tech Cohort Training

    Haiku Training- Bring Units of Study with you, intro to building a Haiku
  • Tech Cohort Training

    Continued Training, Google Docs, Time Toast, Haiku; bring units of study, create Haiku, start practicing with students
  • Order More Chrome Books

    another 4 carts
  • Go Live with Tech Cohort

  • 2nd Cohort Group

    2nd Cohort up and running, follow training.
  • Order 4 Chrome Book Carts

  • E-books replace print books in library

    Open up library as meeting space.
  • All Teachers using Technology

    minimal if any paper
  • Period: to