computer history

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  • Hewlett Parkard was born

    Hewlett Parkard was born
    The company HP was founded. This is important because even though they were just two electrical engineers who started their company in a garage in Palo Alto, they have contrubuited largely to the computer's history
  • Algorithmic Language

    Algorithmic Language
    The first algorithmic programming language. This is important because Konrad Zuse becgan work with the first programming language.
  • The NEAC 1101

    The NEAC 1101
    Japan´s NEC built the country´s first electronic computer, the NEAC 1101. This is important because this is Japan's first electronic computer.
  • AT&T's Datapnone

    AT&T's Datapnone
    AT&T designed its Dataphone, the first commercial modem. This is important because it was the first modem that allowed analog disngals for tramsmission across networks.
  • IBM

    International Business Machines announced the System/360, a family of six mutually compatible computers and 40 peripherals that could work together. This is important because it was the first time companies could upgrade their computing capabilities without rewriting programs.
  • Apple 1

    Apple 1
    Steve Wozniak designed the Apple I, a single-board computer. This is important because it was one of the first Apple prodeucts.
  • Osborne 1

    Osborne 1
    The laptop was first invented by Adam Osborne in 1981. It was initially called as Osborne 1. This is important because it is the first portable computer!
  • Apple Macintosh launched

    Apple Macintosh launched
    Apple Computer launched the Macintosh, the first successful mouse-driven computer with a graphic user interface. This is important because this was the first Apple mouse-driven compter.
  • Macintosh Portable

    Macintosh Portable
    Apple Computer first released the Macintosh Portable. This is important because it is the second portable computer but the first by Apple.
  • Macintosh PowerBook

    Macintosh PowerBook
    Apple Computer released the Macintosh PowerBook 100, 140, and 170 - all notebook style laptops. This important because the laptop is getting smaller and more portable.
  • MacBook

    MacBook Laptop was releasted. This is important because this is when the MacBook was originallly released; but it is no no longer available to consumers, only for educational purposes.
  • iPad

    The first iPad was released. This is the first handheld tablet that everybody wanted.