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  • China becomes Communist

    China becomes Communist 'Mao Zendong'
  • Migration in China

    84% people live in country
    High levels of poverty
    Low life expectancy
    low inequality
    industry mainly Primary (agriculture)
  • Mao Zedong dies

    Mao Zedong dies and is replaced by Deng Xiaping. "Market Socialism" intoduced for the economy opening up China to foreign investment and free market compared to Central planning (government owned)
  • Made in China

    Rapid economic boom
  • SEZ

    special econimic zones set up. e.g shanghai, shenzen (based on H.K.) Areas with free maket econimics aimed to boost manufacturing industry (Secondary)
  • rapid migration

    rapid migration to cities '160 million'
    so far 52% people in cities and continuing.