Charlie Parker

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  • Charlie Parker Childhood

    Charlie Parker Childhood
  • Charlie Parker " Bird "

    Charlie Parker " Bird "
  • RIP Charlie

    RIP Charlie
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    Charlie Parker

    Was born
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    Early Childhood

    Parker grew up in Kansas City, Missouri, during the great years of Kansas City jazz and began playing alto saxophone when he was 13. At 14 he quit school and began performing with youth bands, and at 16 he was married—the first of his four marriages
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    Parker first recording

    Two years later Parker experienced a personal stylistic breakthrough during a jam session in New York City. Parker recorded his first solos as a member of Jay McShann’s band, with whom he toured the eastern United States in 1940–42. It was at this time that his childhood nickname “Yardbird” was shortened to “Bird.” His growing friendship with trumpeter Dizzy Gillespie led Parker to develop his new music in avant-garde jam sessions in New York’s Harlem.
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    Bepop starts getting popular

    Bebop grew out of these experiments by Parker, Gillespie, and their adventurous colleagues; the music featured chromatic harmonies and, influenced especially by Parker, small note values and seemingly impulsive rhythms. Parker and Gillespie played in Earl Hines’s swing-oriented band and Billy Eckstine’s more modern band. In 1944 they formed their own small ensemble, the first working bebop group.
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    Charlie parker dies

    Charlie Parker starts to get alot of fame and money then starts abusing it. He started doing drugs and drinking heavy which cause him to go into a early grave.