Causes of the Chinese Civil War

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  • Higher demand on goods than what it was produced

    Higher demand on goods than what it was produced
    On the second half of the 19th century the harvest production increased by 1% while the population grew by 8%. A if it was not enough farmers had to pay 80% of the goods produced to their land lords. People began to starve
  • Taiping rebellion

    Taiping rebellion
    The taiping rebellion started, foreigners and Christians were tortured and murdered. This event caused the decentralization of power.
  • Boxer Rebellion

    Boxer Rebellion
    People with skills on martial arts, who also had anti-Western feelings began a rebellion to oppose to the foreing influence on Chinese culture
  • Double Tenth

    Double Tenth
    The current ruling dynasty was abolished and after several provinces declared independent from Beijing. After ir they gathered in Naijing to declare the creation of the Chinese Republic.
  • The GMD party was created

    The GMD party was created
    The Guomindang was declared as a parlamentary party. Some of the objectives of Sun, the creator of the party, were to unify and modernize China and establish a goverment in Canton. In addition he was willing to cooperate with the communist.
  • Rule of Yuan Shikai

    Rule of Yuan Shikai
    Yuan ruled China but dd noting to solve the issues that started the revolution on the first place.
  • May 4th movement

    May 4th movement
    A group of students and teachers began a protest to demostrate they were against the warlords and to demand the return of the territory of Shadong to China.
  • Warlord era began

    Warlord era began
    The photo is a map of the most important divisions of territory among the Warlords on 1925
  • First United Front

    First United Front
    In order to achieve their common goal, nationalist and communist came toghether to abolish the warlords. They formed the First United Front and acted under the Three Principles, and so the Front began the Northern Expedition, in which they succeding by abolishing the warlord's power. They set the goverment in Naijing and named it the capital
  • GDM attack on CCP

    GDM attack on CCP
    After the succes of the united front, the GDM turn their guns to the CCP and started to persecute communist, who were obligated to flee the country in orther to survive.