Bio Project

Timeline created by CulinaryKing717
  • Robert Hooke

    Robert Hooke
    He made a primitive mircoscope and used it to look at a thin piece of cork.
  • Anthony Leeuwenhoek

    Anthony Leeuwenhoek
    He was a fabric merchant from Holland who used lenses to count the threads of the woven cloth.
  • Charles-Francis Brisseau de Mirbel

    He was a french botanist who is actually known as the founder of cytology, or the study of cells.
  • Jean-Baptiste Lamarck

    Jean was a french solider and a professor. He obsevered that all living things are made of cellular tissue. He was known for his work in evolution.
  • Robert Brown

    He was a scotish botanist. He name the cell nucleus while veiwing orchid epidermal cell. Brown also discovered the movement of certain cells suspended in liquid.
  • Matthias Schleiden

    He was a german bontanist during his studdies he began to formulate the cell theroy for plants. in his paper in 1838 he proposed that all plants are composed of cells that are basic unit of plant life.
  • Theodor Schwann

    He was a german physiologist or a person who studies living organisms. He discover cells surround and protect the axon of nerve cells,
  • Rudolf Virchow

    He was a german doctor. He has many discoeries including to be the first to dicover lekemia. He also recognized the cell is the basic unit of structure and function.