The Lake Ness Monster

Timeline created by aaron42
  • -565 BCE


    In the past Saint Columba describes in the year 565 how he saved a person from this monster in one of his books
  • first modern description

    first modern description
    An article published in 1868 is the first to refer to rumors about the existence of a huge fish or other creature in the depths of the waters.
  • More sightings

    More sightings
    In 1923 a man named Alfred claimed to have seen a three meter long creature, similar to an elephant, crossing the road in front of him while driving
  • Tracks

    After several years in 1930 a newspaper published a story with a story detailing the story of two fishermen who say that a large animal produced a large eddy in the waters
  • The drop that spilled the glass

    The drop that spilled the glass
    A news story was published of a couple who said they saw a huge creature hovering and sinking on the surface, it became a sensation among the media
  • Description

    In that year AH Palmer said he had seen the creature and described the monster at the root of water, its mouth had a width of between 12 to 18 inches
  • Polemic photo

     Polemic photo
    In 1934 surgeon R.K. Wilson took an alleged photograph in which he appeared to show a huge creature with a long neck, this photo was very controversial
  • Fake photo

     Fake photo
    In 1994, it was confirmed that RK Wilson's photo is false, as he was not the one who took the photo, his name was only used to give credibility to the photo.
  • present

    In the present the Loch Ness Monster is still seen as a legend or nonexistent
  • plesiosaur

    It is said that this creature has similar prehistoric aquatic creatures to the extinct plesiosaur