Audio Players

Timeline created by ellis_43
  • Phonograph

    Thomas Edison created the phonograph, this being the the first invention to ever playback a recorded human voice. Did not work. Fixed, next year played Mary had a little lamb
  • Emile Berliner invents the Gramophone

    Emile Berliner invents the Gramophone
    A German immigrant named Emile Berliner came to America and became interested in playing back sounds. He patented the Gramophone in 1888. He used a flat recording disc and a stylus to play it back.
  • First jukebox

    First jukebox
    The first jukebox was invented in 1889 by Louis Glass, helped by William S. Arnold. Originally called nickel-in-a-slot because to listen to it you had to put one nickel in
  • First Kinetophone

    First Kinetophone
    The first kinetophone is demonstrated by Thomas Edison. Also called a 'talking movie'. the process is a cylinder player mechanically synchronized to a film projector
  • Wire recorder

    Wire recorder
    The wire recorder was first introduced as an idea in 1878 by Oberlin Smith. It had a very slow rate until it was ready to be sold which was in the 1930s.
  • Tefifon demonstrated at Radioexposition in Berlin, Germany

    Tefifon demonstrated at Radioexposition in Berlin, Germany
    Was more popular in Europe than it ever was in the U.S, it used a vinyl belt in a cassette which was endless in use. That was more than the other inventions could say, with those you had to replace something. It could only record two hours of sound.
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  • Audograph invented by Grey Manafucturing Company

    Audograph invented by Grey Manafucturing Company
    It used technology similiar to the Dictabelt and Soundscriber, using modulated grooves embossed on to soft vinyl. It was made at a constant linear velocity, instead of a constant rpm. That is what set apart the Audograph apart from the rest.
  • Soundscriber invented

    Flexible vinyl records were pressed using a stylus cutting head. Corporations liked them, since the information could not be accidentally deleted. They came in two sizes; 15 minute mail chutes and 8 minute memo discs
  • Dictabelt

    It was manafactured by the Dictaphone corp and originally registered from Columbia Gramophone company. They are belts of vinyl that allowed 15 minutes of recording.
  • Open reel to reel invented by Ampex

    Open reel to reel invented by Ampex
    The first one was manafactured in 1948 and sold to ABC for recording delayed broadcasts. There was many different kinds of reel to reel players
  • Minifon released

    Minifon released
    It was released in 1951, being the very first portable audio player. They claimed to be able to fit in a shirt pocket, but was way to large to fit. The battery life was terrible and it could serve as a telephone
  • Transistor radio

    Transistor radio
    A transistor radio is a small portable radio receiver using transistor based circuitry. They became the most popular electronic communication device in history
  • Dictaphone Dictet by Dictaphone corp

    Dictaphone Dictet by Dictaphone corp
    This was the very first dictation machine to use magnetic cassette tapes. It was portable and weighed 2.5 pounds
  • Sony and Phillips design the audio CD

    Sony and Phillips design the audio CD
    Sony and Phillips started working together in 1979 to create a new digital disc. The team leaders were Kees Immink and Toshitada Doi
  • CD played invented

    CD played invented
    In 1984 sony developed the CD player for the new music medium, the Discman
  • MP3

    The MP3 is actually a software compression/de-compression, not a piece of hardware. It made everything like file transfers ten times faster than it was before
  • MiniDisc MD

    MiniDisc MD
    The MiniDisc MD was marketed exclusively by Sony. It captured a very small but devoted consumer market. It played CD's, but could also plug in a USB and listen to mp3s
  • VersaCorder

    The VersaCorder was made by Sangean and uses a standard audio cassette. Also capable of 1/4 recording and playback
  • iPod nano

    iPod nano
    The iPod nano was used to replace the iPod mini. It uses flash memory for storage and has gone through six models or 'generations'
  • iPod touch

    iPod touch
    the iPod touch is a portable media player, and wifi platform designed by Apple