Islamic Architecture

Timeline created by Janna Abouelkh
  • 692

    The Dome of the Rock

    The Dome of the Rock
    The Dome of the Rock is located in the old city of Jerusalem. The structure of the dome was made that resembles the Christian Church of the Holy Sepulchre. It has beautiful mosaic, faience and marble in it's interior and is covered with tiles on the outside. The Dome is one of the most fascinating architectural landmarks in the history of the Islamic culture. It has many decorations from various periods of time like mosaics, marbles and multicoloured tiles.
  • 784

    Great Mosque of Córdoba

    Great Mosque of Córdoba
    The Mosque was built by the ruler Abd al-Rahman I in Spain in the place of a Christian church. The mosque had been through various renovations in the 10th century. The structure had introduced many of the life-changing techniques that had forever shaped the history of architecture. For instance, they used super-imposed arcades with round arches. Another technique was the ribbed domes that provided a diverting internal decorative technique in the form of a rose formed by interlacing arches
  • 972

    Al-Azhar Mosque

    Al-Azhar Mosque
    Al-Azhar​ mosque was the first to be built in the new city of Cairo and is until today the oldest Islamic university in the Islamic world, that millions of Muslim students come to from everywhere on the globe. The mosque is mostly decorated with Fatimid Decorations an is with materials taken from various periods of Ancient histories, like Ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Roman rule. The interior art and decor expresses the details of the Islamic history using Calligraphy and many more forms of art.
  • 1550

    Süleymaniye Mosque

    Süleymaniye Mosque
    Suleymaniye Mosque is a mosque located in Istanbul, Turkey and has been since 1550 and was not completed until 1558. It was built by the Ottoman emperor Suleyman and is the biggest and known to be the most beautiful architects in Istanbul. From the inside, it is a square-shaped room, occupied with more than 100 large beautiful stained glass windows. Whats surprising is the mosque itself is surrounded by a hospital, several religious schools, a row of shops, a mausoleum, and a bath.
  • Sheikh Lotfallah Mosque

    Sheikh Lotfallah Mosque
    Sheikh Lotfalla Mosque is one of the unique masterpieces of architecture. What makes it unique is the best mosaics that took almost 20 years to be made. It has pale tiles of the dome that surprisingly change color, depending on the density of light from cream to pink. It also has a figure painted in the middle of the floor under the dome is a peacock at certain times of the day. The sunlight enhances the peacock's tail.
  • Shah Mosque

    Shah Mosque
    This mosque is a magnificent example of Islamic architecture and is considered as one of the greatest architecture in Iran, Its seven-colour mosaic tiles and calligraphic engraved is what makes a masterpiece. A great deal of marble was used in the construction of this mosque. The lower part of the mosque starting from its entrance to the main building, are covered with beige marble, with beautifully carved poles at each side of every doorway and carved inscriptions throughout.
  • Taj Mahal

    Taj Mahal
    The Taj Mahal could perhaps be the greatest Islamic Architecture. It was constructed of white marble decorated with precious stones like jade, crystal, turquoise and many more that helped form complex designs in a technique called pietra dura. It has a very tall central dome that is surrounded by four smaller domes and has verses from the Quran inscribed in calligraphy on the entrances. Its one of the most admired masterpieces of the world because of Its exterior decorations.