Space race Timeline

Timeline created by ahamedsc26
  • USSR launches Sputnik 1.

    USSR launches Sputnik 1.
    "The first ever space satellite is launched into space".
  • Explorer 1 is launched

    Explorer 1 is launched
    First US satellite is sent into orbit, and "It carried scientific equipment that leads to the discovery of the Van Allen radiation belt."
  • NASA is formed

    NASA is formed
    "The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is formed, it replaces the National Advisory Committee on Aeronautics (NACA)."
  • USSR launches Luna 1

    USSR launches Luna 1
    "It is the first man-made object to orbit the Sun"
  • USSR puts first man in space

    USSR puts first man in space
    "Yuri Gagarin orbits the Earth once and becomes the first man in space."
  • Vostok 2

    Vostok 2
    Gherman Titov spends a whole entire day in space aboard Vostok 2.
  • USSR's first woman in space

    USSR's first woman in space
    "Cosmonaut Valentia Tereshkova becomes the first woman in space".
  • USSR Luna 9

    USSR Luna 9
    Becomes the first spacecraft to soft-land on the Moon
  • Apollo 1

    Apollo 1
    Two astronauts tragically died in a flash fire on the spaceship while doing the pre-flight tests, leading NASA to being more cautious and strict.
  • Apollo 7

    Apollo 7
    First manned mission to space, by the US and it entered an Earth orbit for a few rotations before landing back.
  • Apollo 8

    Apollo 8
    The first manned spacecraft to enter lunar orbit is launched.
  • Apollo 9

    Apollo 9
    The lunar module itself was tested in space for the very first time.
  • Apollo 10

    Apollo 10
    Tested all the systems and the procedures necessary for a lunar landing, but it didn’t actually, land on the moon
  • Apollo 11

    Apollo 11
    This was the first time that man had ever set foot on the moon and marked the American victory over the Soviets in the Space Race.
  • Period: to

    Duration of the space race