Ancient Astronomer Timeline

Timeline created by Peyton Donaldson
  • -205 BCE


    276 BC - 194 BC
    He was the first one to accurately measure the circumference of the earth which has led to use even today using better methods that were bounced off that idea he had
  • 150

    Claudius Ptolemy

    100 AD
    he created models to predict future motion of planets or even past motion of planets which we still do today
  • 1497

    Nicolaus Copernicus

    1473 - 1543
    He was the first person to completely model the solar system with the idea that the sun was at the center of the solar system instead of earth. this led to many more discoveries which made more sense because the sun is actually at the center.
  • Tycho Brahe

    1546 - 1601
    Known for an insanely accurate depiction of the solar system for the time period he lived in. this led to many more discoveries about the solar system because he created an actually accurate depiction. (i picked a random date(within his life) that made semi-sense because I don't know exactly when he discovered it)
  • Johannes Kepler

    1571 - 1630
    He is well known for his laws of planetary motion which we still use today to determine the motion of planets
  • Sir Isaac Newton

    1643 - 1727
    He discovered gravity which has been one of the most helpful things to astronomy to this day
  • Albert Einstein

    1879 - 1955
    He is extremely famous for his equation E = mc^2. This and his theory of relativity has helped science so much in the past almost 100 years.