All About Me

Timeline created by Gezers
  • Born

    I was born in the wood county hospital but fun fact as soon as i was born we went straight to arizona for family
  • Brother

    The birth of my brother which happened in arizona which is kinda cool
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    Arizona Pt.1

    We went to arizona for family which I can faintly remember because i was so small and when i was able to grow and remember stuff we left arizona and went back to ohio (Not Actually On My Bday)
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    Ohio Pt.1

    We are back in ohio and things are running smooth but money is kinda tight cause of jobs being hard to find but later it becomes to much of a struggle that we go back to arizona
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    Arizona Pt.2

    While in arizona i got to learn some sports and figure out what i like to do and made friends and even got to start my first day of kindergarten which was scary but shortly after that we go back to ohio for almost no apparent reason this time
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    Ohio Pt. 2

    We move back to ohio I go through first grade and make few friends and want to go back to arizona because i didnt like it in otsego
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    Arizona Pt.3

    We make it back to arizona im so happy because i get to meet my awesome friends again but when I go into second grade nobody remembers me so I tried and tried to get them to remember me but they couldn't what so ever so i cried a bunch and then decided to remake friends and then we go back to ohio
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    Ohio Pt.3

    We make it back to ohio and my old friends rememebered me and it made me so happy and I had a blast but then complications happened and i had to go to another school in ohio which was toldeo schools which wasnt bad at all they treated me like i was a god which felt weird but i made friends easy and i made it through the year and we managed to go back to otsego for half of fourth grade until we go back to arizona
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    Arizona Pt.4

    We make it back and i attend fourth grade for also no reason so we go back very pointless trip was made and i realized tho that i didnt need people from oasis because people only liked me for how good i was at sports
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    Ohio Pt.4

    Now its time to attend fifth grade but it would be at bowling green schools but before that i went through a whole family fiasco which caused my dad to go to deep into drugs and not care about my mom anymore and tried to make me and my brother exactly like him which i said no but my brother never answered which if you asked me today he said yes but anyways i finally attended bowling green with my dad out of the picture with a open would and that school is filled with bullies who don't care
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    Ohio Now

    Im now back at otsego with a family that still deals with not normal issues which is very bothering but i don't mind until recently cause it just gets worse without help so i plan on letting myself live in a better environment to be more successful because getting yelled at for someone else's mistakes is not a way to live life so i'm going to make myself a new one