scientific discoverys by India Freeman

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  • Van Leeuwenhoek discovery

    Van Leeuwenhoek discovery
    Antony Van Leeuwenhoek was the very man ti see bacteria he was an unlikely sceintist but turned out to be very famous. He is also belived to have made about 500 microscopes. He made microscopes which had the abillity to magnifi over 200 times. There is no date in which this man accatuly made these discoverys but he was born in 1632 and died 1723. He invented the simple optical microscope
  • Hooke discovery

    Hooke discovery
    Robert Hooke was the first man to see cells. He saw the cells of cork from a tree. He will always be known for this amazing bit of science. The date I have given is wrong because it is not known what the day and month he found out all this but the year is right.
  • Eletron microscope

    Eletron microscope
    In 1928 Ernst Ruska and his fellow German Max Knoll invented the electron microscope. The microscope was an improvement over the optical microscope.They later improved their invention
  • tranmission electric microscope

    tranmission electric microscope
    The first transmission electronic Albert Prebus and James Hillier
  • DNA

    s by Alec Jefferys he was the man that changed our lives for the better
  • scanning electron microscope

    scanning electron microscope
    Gerd Binnig and Heinrich Rohrer invented the scanning electron microscope this was a more recent discovery that changed our lives
  • Compund optical microscope

    This discovery I could not find so I don't know who invented it and when