3.4 French Revolution

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  • Frances economy was starting to decline

    Frances economy was starting to decline
    France's economy used to be very prosperous, but by the 1780's it was starting to decline. This made taxes so high that it was hard to make a profit. People became very nervous. This is significant because it was the economy was one of the main reasons for the revolution
  • National Assembly is established

    National Assembly is established
    The National Assembly was a group of the third estate delegates. They made this group after Louis XVI sided with the nobles and followed the medical rules in the 1789 meeting. This made the National Assembly angry because they wanted to wield power. With Emmanuel-Joseph as the spokes person, the National Assembly was established. This is significant because it meant then end of absolute monarchy and the beginning of representative government.
  • Old regime ends

    Old regime ends
    The noblemen joined the National Assembly. They wanted liberty and equality, and didn't like the privileges of the first and second estates. This made the nobles, commoners and clergy all equal, and ended the old regime. It's significant because it abolished the privilege of the first and seconds estates.
  • Louis tried to escape

    Louis tried to escape
    As the uprisings became violent and hatred towards king Louis grew, he thought that him and his family was in danger. Therefore, he tried to flee France with his family and go to the Australian Netherlands. However, he was caught before he crossed the border and returned to Paris. This showed his cowardliness and made the people hate him more and loose more respect for him.
  • New constitution is approved

    New constitution is approved
    King Louis approved the new constitution made by the National Assembly. This gave the king less authority, although he could still make laws, and there was a new legislative assembly.
  • France declares war on Austria

    France declares war on Austria
    After some European countries urged France to arestore Louis to his position as an absolute monarch, the Legislative assembly declared war. on Frances II, the holy Roman Emperor.
  • Louis and family are imprisoned- insurrection

    Louis and family are imprisoned- insurrection
    A mob of French citizens attacked the palace that the royal family was staying at. They killed the guards and imprisoned Louis, Marie, and their children. This decision was sparked by the Prussian commander threatening to destroy Paris if anything happened to the royal family. This is significant because now the power was in the hands of the people. The royal family no longer had any power.
  • France is declared a republic

    France is declared a republic
    Mainly because of the radicals, the Legislative Assembly stopped the constitution that they had made in 1791, and instead had a new election. This new legislature that came as a result of the election was names the National Convention, and it abolished the monarchy. This is significant because it turned France into a republic and changed the way France governed and the roles of those in power for the rest of history.
  • Robespierre became leader of the Committee of Public Safety

    Robespierre became leader of the Committee of Public Safety
    Robespierre wanted to build a republic of virtue. He was planning on doing this by erasing all the traces of France's past and changing to calendar. He basically became a dictator in France, and executed anyone who challenged him or the revolution. This is significant because he was the reason for the "Reign of Terror"
  • Coup of 18 Brumaire

    Coup of 18 Brumaire
    Napoleon and his troops drove out most of the national legislature, which ended with the end of the Directory. He then made three consuls, and he was the first consul. This was known as the Coup of 18 Brumaire. This is significant because it turned Napoleon from a great person who everyone loved into a dictator